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University of Texas San Antonio Student Housing

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Chisholm Hall and University Oaks are located on campus at UTSA

The total student experience starts here. Enjoy on-campus accommodation at the University of Texas San Antonio. No matter which village you choose, you’ll enjoy quality student housing, exciting events, and a diverse student community.

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Chisholm Hall

Chisholm Hall offers a small, close-knit community, a convenient on-campus location, and a fantastic program of events to keep you entertained. You’ll have plenty of great opportunities to make the most of student life!

University Oaks

University Oaks offers a variety of apartments, great facilities, and an exciting residential life program, right on the UTSA campus. We’re focused on the student experience so you can be sure to live college life to the fullest!

meet our students

“I love the closets! They're so spacious.”


Chisholm Hall

“Chisholm Hall is a great place to make new friends, the RAs are really nice and are always making programs to get the residents together.”


Chisholm Hall

“My stay at Chisholm has really allowed me to meet new people and experience the true college experience and learn some responsibility. ”


Chisholm Hall

“Living here has made it easier for me and my roommate to make friends away from home, and I would recommend Chisholm Hall to any student.”


Chisholm Hall

“The RA's make sure we stay involved and provide many opportunities to interact with new people. There are weekly activities that help us meet people.”


Chisholm Hall

“I enjoy the closeness to the University, and it's very clean and quiet. ”


University Oaks

“University Oaks is a good start for someone new from an unfamiliar town, and it's close to campus. ”


University Oaks

“University Oaks has become my new home. I enjoy living here because it has a great atmosphere, and a lot of cool people. Also, it very safe and chill.”


University Oaks

“University Oaks provides an environment that makes it easier for you to commute to school, which makes it easier to be an engaged student at UTSA. ”


University Oaks

“It's quiet and peaceful to be able to get my work done, with the various study spaces that University Oaks offer. ”


University Oaks