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“I love my new home! All of the people who work here are very helpful. I almost hate going back to my parent's home because I love being here so much!”


University Place

“I love to live at University Meadows because it's safe quiet and beautiful.”


University Meadows

“I love the appearance, easy access to campus, staff, pool and laundry on site.”


University Meadows

“It's quiet and peaceful to be able to get my work done, with the various study spaces that University Oaks offer. ”


University Oaks

“I have always enjoyed walking around the property, and the gated community has always made me feel safe. The programs are a great way to learn.”


University Pines

“There is such a family atmosphere here at the meadows. Being in a gated community and having the campus police ride around makes these apartments safe”


University Meadows

“It’s a 5 minute bus ride to the grocery store, 10 minutes to the city and 2 minutes to class. The Village is close to everything.”


ECU Village Mt Lawley

“I enjoy the sense of community, togetherness and hospitality at Yarra House”


Yarra House

“Location was really good and the staff were awesome.”


“The best thing about living at the Village is the events that are on. You’re always on the front line when the announcement is made for an event.”


ECU Village Joondalup

“My cousin told me that the Village was the way to go, and now I’ve been here for four-and-a-half years, which has been awesome.”


SCU Lismore Village

“The pool, volleyball court and basketball court is a great way to spend free time. The people in the main office are friendly and helpful.”


Privateer Place

“I love University Columns because it gives me the opportunity to feel independent but in a small comfortable environment. It is extremely safe.”


University Columns

“Being able to go downstairs and get free pizza just because I live at the Village is pretty cool. I don’t know anyone who gets the freebies we get!”


RMIT Village

“UFA staff also holds so many events for their residents to come meet and talk with other students and get to know each other. It is the best!”


University Forest

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Friendly residential communities, contemporary student housing, convenient campus locations and residential life programs like no other… these are just some of the many reasons to choose a village as your new home away from home!

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