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“When I moved into the Village I made lots of friends, there’s so many people here studying heaps of different things.”


ECU Village Mt Lawley

“It's close to campus and all your classes. Parking is never a headache and your neighbors are some of the coolest people you will ever meet.”


Cambridge Oaks

“The Village is always giving us free food which is awesome. They know how to get people to have fun.”


Griffith University Village

“I came here from New York and everyone was just so inviting! I love that the Village really likes the international students.”


Griffith University Village

“The view at the Village is awesome, there are kangaroos everywhere!”


ECU Village Bunbury

“Living here has made it easier for me and my roommate to make friends away from home, and I would recommend Chisholm Hall to any student.”


Chisholm Hall

“I like that there are lots of places to get fresh air, there are heaps of outdoor areas to relax.”


Western Sydney University Village Campbelltown

“It makes me feel comfortable like living at home. Besides, the restaurants near the Edge are diversified. I can try different kind of food everyday. ”


The Edge

“The Village is a really good mix between academics and privacy as well as organised community events and social life.”


Western Sydney University Village Bankstown

“The community here is great, it's so social!”


UCA Student Village

“I find it really easy to go to the library to study when you need to. The security guards even drive you home when it gets late.”


ECU Village Joondalup

“I would say my experience at Privateer Place so far has been a refreshing change from living in a college dorm.”


Privateer Place

“I love on campus living! It's very convenient and we have lots of events hosted by the RA's. The rooms are also in good condition.”


University Place

“The service is incredible. I always feel safe living in the apartments, as the security is astounding.”


Studio Green

“The highlight of my time here is meeting lifelong friends. I made some really good friends in my first year, and my housemates are my best friends.”


Western Sydney University Village Penrith

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Friendly residential communities, contemporary student housing, convenient campus locations and residential life programs like no other… these are just some of the many reasons to choose a village as your new home away from home!

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