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Here at UC Accommodation, we take student life seriously. In fact we are expert providers of student accommodation across the globe. Our parent company Campus Living Villages manages 40,000 beds across 4 continents and is the only specialist provider of student accommodation worldwide. When your child lives with us, rest assured, the experience they receive will be world class.

Our team at UC Accommodation in Christchurch are committed to providing quality accommodation for our residents. We work closely with the University in order to enhance the student experience and we strive to ensure that we embrace our Live, Learn and Grow program which is offered in every village managed by Campus Living Villages across the world.

Our Live program ensures our residents benefit from our creation of a fun, friendly, diverse community of residents. Live events include soup Sunday, movie nights and sporting events to name a few. All of these events encourage healthy social interaction and are hugely popular with our residents.

We also provide an exciting and fun environment with a strong focus on academic life through our Learn activities. These activities include extra support during study weeks and exam periods, organised tutorials, provision of study packs and the always popular Study Suppers.

Our Grow activities are aimed at encouraging residents to become more independent. These activities focus on developing life skills, cultural awareness and personal development. Grow events include such things as classes on laundry, involvement with local charities and resume writing workshops.

Along with our Live, Learn and Grow programs our residents also benefit from the support of Residential Assistants and a strong, proven pastoral care system. This system enables us to support your child through the challenges of his/her student life experience and encourages them in their academic journey.

If your child is considering moving away to study at the University of Canterbury, I believe there is no better option for student accommodation. I invite you to visit us at any time for a tour and to meet our amazing team. Alternatively, come and see us at UC open day – a great day on the University calendar.

On behalf of the UCA team we wish your child every success in his/her future endeavors and look forward to welcoming them to our community.

Dion Brown
Director of Operations CLVnz

why CLV?

From settling in, to getting into good study habits, we will be here to help.


Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and aim to ensure the safety and support of our residents.


Our team have been carefully selected based on their skill-set, qualifications and passion for young people.


The years spent at University are undoubtedly some of the most memorable and we will make sure that every resident has the experience of a lifetime.

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