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things I’m glad I never tried at uni

Living on campus is a learning curve. You can do a lot of dumb stuff when you’re thrown in the deep end of young adult life. Usually you come out relatively unscathed, because a lot of us need to make mistakes to learn. It’s all part of growing as an adult. But some people will make hugely detrimental mistakes during their time on campus that can really put them a step behind the rest of their peers. The kind of…

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what TV shows say about your career

The Netflix binge is the very real and current crutch of the uni student. I come home from work every day, put on Downton Abbey and drink wine in my pyjamas. It’s just my way of shaking off the stress of the day and relaxing before bed. While I’m a sucker for the period-drama genre, I love most of what is on Netflix. When I decided I wanted to be in media I watched The Devil Wears Prada about ten…

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your social media life vs. the working world

If you’re one of the 0.00000000009% of the population that isn’t present on social media, maybe go outside and kick a ball around, yeah? For the rest of you internet-loving, Insta-obsessed Twitter trawlers, there’s something you might want to know. If you’re a uni student, you’d be well aware that growing up in the 90s meant learning the hard way about how the internet was going to define the way people see you. MSN was your primary mode of communication,…

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