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things I realised when I moved out of the Village

I wasn’t prepared By that I mean: “how the hell does life work outside of the Village…” It very suddenly occurred to me, as I was lining up apartment inspections, that outside of the Village no one really cares if you’re feeling ready for the real world or not. Do you have money? Are you sane? Cool. You qualify for an apartment the size of a shoebox. Go off into the world and be a good little adult (*real estate…

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why living on campus was the best decision for my degree

People assume that living on campus is a huge party. Sure, there are definitely some parties and big events that go on, but its way more than that. Living at the Village didn’t just put a roof over my head, it did so much more than that. Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. This is why living on campus was the best decision for my degree.     My life revolved around classes When you live on campus you…

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humans of the Village: Tessa Yonson

You Villagers are an interesting bunch… And in the spirit of bringing you the interesting stories and internet content your procrastinating minds crave, I bring you Humans of the Village! I’m shining the spotlight on Villagers from all around the country and sussing out how they battle the stormy seas and desert plains of young adulthood on campus. This time we’re checking in at UNSW Village in Sydney and chatting to Tessa Yonson.   How long have you been living…

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a newbies guide to settling in

If you’re new to the area you’re probably a little bit daunted by the prospect of making new friends and learning your way around the area. But fear not! We have the ultimate beginners guide to settling in during your first week at the Village. Whether you’ve moved to Australia from foreign lands, or if you’ve just moved suburbs, everyone is new here and you’re definitely not alone! So here are a few of our best tips for starting your…

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