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the exam room: what not to do

Procrastination is the universal skill of the uni student. We get veeery good at inventing ways to pass time, especially when it means avoiding our obligations and deadlines. People who don’t clean their apartment all year will feel the sudden urge to clean everything immediately, come exam time. Amazing accomplishments are made at this time of year, as long as it’s not academic progress. I’m definitely guilty of this. I managed to clean my apartment, prepare my lunches for the…

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QUIZ: what’s your study style?

What’s your study style? When exam period starts up it can get pretty stressful, especially when you’re cramming study like crazy and living off a Pringles and Red Bull diet. I take just about any excuse to eat crappy snack food, but some study habits are worse than others. So what’s your study style? Take the quiz to find out 😉   You’re a couple of weeks out from exam period and you’re doing a grocery shop. What’s aisle do…

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how to switch majors when your degree is a major flop

Not everyone likes their degree. Some people might realise how much they hate it after they begin! It’s more common than you think. So many of us feel pressure to choose their degree while we’re still in high school, and that can mean we make a decision to do a degree that doesn’t really serve our best interests. Sometimes you don’t need to make such a drastic change to feel better about your uni courses, sometimes a change in Majors…

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6 things I wish my parents knew when I left home

When I started University it was really hard to get my parents to understand the pressure of it all. All of the sudden you are bombarded with responsibility and obligations that you were never warned about. Financial issues that you face as a young adult in the modern tertiary education system may not have been the same financial issues your parents faced when they were the same age. Textbook prices can be astronomically high, depending on your field, and University…

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your O’week survival guide

O’WEEK IS HERE! That means free food, new friends and a boatload of free pens and flyers you don’t need stuffed into your bag after walking through the campus stalls. You might be a bit overwhelmed, maybe even a little intimidated, by the number of people walking around, clubs to join and buildings to find – but overall it’s one of the most exciting times of your life, and we’re here to help you along the way! Before you jump…

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doing the interview with a little more confidence

So you’ve written a knockout resume and got an interview lined up. Excellent, you’re already one step closer to landing that job you’re after! Here are a few tips from my own experiences that can help you be a little more confident walking into your interview and stay confident during it. be conscious of your thoughts and your body language We all know the thoughts that run through our heads can be very influencing to how we feel. It’s also…

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