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spring clean your mental health

It’s a busy time to be a uni student. What with assignments, exams, presentations and classes still happening, you tend to forget about your well-being. A lot of the time when uni gets stressful I tend to eat like crap, and sleep comes secondary to deadlines. While this seems like it might be the most efficient way to get things done, it’s not. Your mental health needs just as much attention as your uni work. If you’re starting to feel the…

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how not to suck at uni-break

Uni break tends to become synonymous with failed plans Or at least it was for me. When I handed in my last assignment for the Semester, I was usually overcome with a sensation of endless possibility – possibility that came in the form of: Watching every movie I could. A lot. Talking crap with friends that always ended in the lines “we should go on a road trip”, or “let’s make a bar bucket list”. None of which we visited…

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