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the cover letter: what not to do

Cover letters can make or break you. If you’re in the market for a job that gets you off the ramen diet, read on. There are a lot of ways to screw up a cover letter. Don’t let this put you off writing one though, they are super important to landing a job, and your resume is almost useless without one. While anyone can write a cover letter, you’d be surprised how many people make the mistakes I’m about to…

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the job hunt: why you’re getting knocked back

Having trouble landing a job? The job market for students is pretty ruthless, especially when you’re in a highly populated area. Everyone is in the same boat as you: low income, high textbook pricing, balancing social and academic calendars. So naturally, everyone is after the same kinds of jobs you’re going for: conveniently located, decent pay, hours that work around your uni schedule. If you’re finding the job search a bit tricky right now, it could come down to a…

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the job search: it’s not as hard as you think

The word ‘student’ is usually associated with the word ‘poor’, and it’s no wonder… With so many text books, uni fees, essentials for living out of home and rent to pay, how can you avoid shallow pockets? Many of us are lucky enough to have financial assistance or help from our parents, and that’s fantastic! The more support you have to enable you to carry out your studies, the better. But many of us need that little bit of extra cash-in-pocket…

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