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stress: uni blues or something else?

Everyone gets stressed. It’s a crazy time of year for uni students. With exams, assignments and major project deadlines looming, it’s pretty difficult to maintain your sanity – especially when you’re having to work and pay rent at the same time. It’s important to remember that while it’s a busy time of year, we can’t allow ourselves to get buried under the weight of responsibility. Sure, you want to do well, you might even want to make your parents proud…

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mental health: get aware and take care

Are you in a lecture right now? Look around you. One in every six people you can see have experienced or will experience a form of depression or anxiety in their lifetime – some may even experience it more than once. Mental illness is common in young adults, and is often ignored or passed off as a bad day, a bad mood, or a side effect of a stressful few weeks. But when you’ve been feeling down for a while,…

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