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humans of the Village: Tessa Yonson

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You Villagers are an interesting bunch…

And in the spirit of bringing you the interesting stories and internet content your procrastinating minds crave, I bring you Humans of the Village! I’m shining the spotlight on Villagers from all around the country and sussing out how they battle the stormy seas and desert plains of young adulthood on campus. This time we’re checking in at UNSW Village in Sydney and chatting to Tessa Yonson.



How long have you been living at the Village?

Since the start of 2015!

Where are you originally from?

Albury/Wodonga mate.

How old are you?


What are you studying? 

I am half way through my bachelor of Fine Arts/Arts and I am majoring in ceramics and environmental humanities. I would love to be a primary school art teacher or a farmer I haven’t decided but my dream job would combine my passions of working with children, being creative, and being outdoors.



What kind of apartment do you live in?

I live in a 5 bedroom apartment near the Whitehouse with 4 other girls. I love showing people my place for the first time because they are always pretty impressed with how big the place is for student accommodation.

Do you guys have a system in the kitchen? 

There is no written roster for house duties but open communication makes the place run smoothly. If we disagree about something we will just be honest because we all have different levels of cleanliness or individual things that make us tick, so by being honest and not tip-toeing around an issue we live really well together. We have all been culprits of doing something like storing mugs in our rooms, forgetting to buy toilet paper etc.

My housemates share a lot – we buy our own food and keep a few special things to ourselves (such as my handmade mug collection) but everything else like cooking utensils, cleaning products we share and we also have a communal food cupboard.

I have never had an issue with sharing the bathroom – we all have different schedules and because I wake up before anyone else I never have a problem. And we have 2 bathrooms so good odds for a free bathroom at all times.



What has been the most convenient thing about living at the Village?

Obviously living on Campus – apart of this is being able to use the time I would normally use to travel to uni to do other stuff which for most people is sleeping in. You can go home in between classes and have easy access to the community and services on campus like the doctors, cafes, IGA etc.

Actually being surrounded by amazing coffee is probably the most convenient thing about living on campus – choosing where to get my coffee is sometimes the hardest choice of my day .. so many choices.

What’s your record from getting out of bed and into class?

I am not your typical uni student – I go to bed and wake up relatively early, often seeing people coming home from their nights out while I am waking up haha.

Where is your favourite place to study?

Coco Cubano – hands down – amazing coffee and I can sit out in the sunshine or be inside with their trendy Cuban music. But also highly rate e-library and old tote at the Village or a random table in the sun does the job as well.

What are your study habits like? 

Going to a specific area to study works for me. I need to get up and move around or socialise every hour to break up my study. I also like having a good balance with study, socialising, exercising, working – because doing these things gives me energy making me more efficient with study and use my time more wisely. I try to avoid studying super late at night because my brain turns to mush past my bed time.

What does your kitchen cupboard look like right now? 

Right at this very moment it is looking very bare because I am due for a shop and to get paid. But it is mostly made up of jars filled with bulk whole foods like flour, nuts, seeds, spices etc. Also lots of tea, eggs, peanut butter and chocolate.


What do you think your uni experience would have been like if you never lived at the Village? 

I don’t want to think about it, the thought of not having the friends I have now that I met at the Village is too much.

What do you do in your apartment when it’s storming outside?

I get creative, paint, listen to music, bake, watch movies with my roomies or go out and shoot some hoops in the rain or we go upstairs where there is a massive skylight and watch the rain fall.

If there was one thing you’ll remember about the Village later in life, what do you think it would be?

Wish I could think of a more original answer – but definitely all the social times – coming home to friends and the simple things like cooking, eating and watching TV together and just chilling together after a big day.


Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Tessa! If you guys know anyone at the Village that you think would be an interesting subject for Humans of the Village, let us know in the comments!

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