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Have questions? Ask us! Our dedicated on-site team is committed to helping you settle in to uni life. Whether it's the middle of the day or middle of the night, there is always someone around to talk to.

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Damian Jeacle

General Manager

Damian joined CLV in early 2015, and is bringing extensive knowledge of hospitality, entertainment, venue management and public precinct management to the Sydney Village team. Damian is focused on providing outstanding customer service and creating and delivering exceptional life experiences that will help you get the most out of your time at University.

Belinda Bentley

Village Manager

As an experienced Village Manager, Belinda brings a wealth of knowledge to the team at Sydney Uni Village! Belinda oversees the admin staff at the Village to make sure your on-campus experience is the best it can be! You can find Belinda in the office or around the Village during the week, come and say hello!

Betty Wu


Betty is in charge of your contract here at the Village. She has been working with Sydney University Village for over three years and is an experienced multilingual! Described as "a bundle of energy", Betty is the best person to speak to should you have any questions regarding your contract or your stay here at the Village. Make sure you say hello!

Joanna Szulczyk

Conference and Summer Stays Coordinator

Joanna is in charge of the nitty-gritty stuff behind the scenes when it comes to all things bookings! You’ll find Joanna walking around the Village and making sure the common areas are up to scratch for your stay with us and organizing the Summer Letting Pool. If you’re interested in putting your room in the Summer Letting Pool let her know!

Ross Peverill

Facilities Manager

Ross is in charge or making sure your apartment and bedroom is in ship-shape before you arrive at the Village. He and the Property Services Coordinators work together to ensure the facilities in and around the Village are working properly to make your stay as comfortable as can be!

Rabin Gurung


You'll find Rabin hard at work around the Village, making sure it is clean and tidy all throughout the year. Rabin is always happy for a chat, so make sure you say hello, you will see him a lot during your stay!

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