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Am I eligible for accommodation at University Pines?

All University of Texas at Tyler students are eligible to apply for accommodation at University Pines Apartments, including research assistants and full-time, part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Are pets allowed?

Please click here for our most recent pet lease addendum rules and regulations.

Are priorities given to particular students?

The Village hosts a diverse range of residents from all over the world and across the United States, and we see this as a true strength of our community. To ensure fairness, we don’t give preference to any group over others. Therefore we encourage all applicants to submit the relevant forms as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can I choose my roommates?

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Yes you may choose your roommate. If you have a friend you are wanting to live with for the upcoming year, the process is fairly simple. Both of you should sign up at relatively the same time. The first roommate to select a room and bed space should then inform the other roommate of their selection. The second roommate should then select the other vacant bedspace in the unit. You have now officially been paired together. After both roommates have completed that process, each will need to email us at info@universitypinesutt.com and let us know that pairing is mutual and that both would like to live with each other for the upcoming year. If you find a roommate(s) after you have signed up and the other bedspace(s) are full already, we will need an email from all students requesting each other sent to info@universitypinesutt.com. Once we have received that email, we can then place the roommates together once the other roommate(s) has completed their online lease. Please remember all roommate requests are just that, requests. We cannot guarantee a roommate pairiing so we suggest all students sign up as early as possible to ensure they get their preferred roommates. If you know someone who might want to live at the Village, you can refer a friend here!
Can I have a vehicle?

University Pines allows all residents to have a vehicle provided they purchase a University approved parking permit from the cashier’s office. All guests of residents must park in visitor parking located near building 7. Visitor parking is indicated by white curbing. University Pines also offers limited premium parking spaces. To reserve one, please contact our office at 903-566-3565. Spaces are offered and filled on a first come first serve basis.

Can you help me find a roommate?

When you sign your lease online, you will be given some simple roommate evaluation questions to help others identify what type of roommate you might be. Then as you are going through the room selection process, you can check each available room for possible roommates. You will see their profile, and can then determine if they are an acceptable match for you. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee roommate harmony. The questions that are asked are basic lifestyle questions, and should help identify good possible selections. We fully recommend reaching out to your new roommates once the final assignments have been emailed to you.

Do you provide Internet access?

University Pines provides high speed internet inclusive in your housing cost. We will be bringing optional upgrade plans for students that want even more capability. Please check with staff in the clubhouse to learn more.

How close is University Pines to the University?

University Pines is located on campus! It takes approximately 2 minutes to walk to the Library and just 5 minutes to walk to the Herrington Patriot Center.

How do I setup and pay for my electricity?

At University Pines electricity service and/or account setup is not necessary. The electricity service for all units is maintained under the University Pines account. On a monthly basis, we will notify you electronically with the electricity costs associated to your unit. The total balance for the month will be divided evenly amongst all roommates living in the unit and must be paid by the first day of the month following the date of the email notification, i.e. January’s bill is due on February 1st.

How long are your lease agreements?

University Pines offers Full 12-month leases, Academic 10-month leases, 7-month Spring/Summer leases, 5-month Spring leases, and 3-month Summer leases.

I have my own furniture; can I remove yours?

You may supplement the furniture that comes in the apartment but you may not remove any of the furniture provided to you by University Pines. Residents in 1/1’s and Efficiencies will need to provide all of their own bedroom and living room furniture.

What if I have a maintenance issue?

As a resident if you have maintenance issue, you can also file a maintenance request online through your resident portal.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can call the office at 903.566.3565 to provide your name, unit number, maintenance issue, and call back number.

What is a Guarantor and why do I need one?

A guarantor is someone over the age of 18 with a US Social Security number that accepts financial responsibility of the lease contract. Students who wish to not have a guarantor will need to pay a $175.00 security deposit to forgo that step in our lease process. If you have further questions about this policy please call us at 903-686-2017.