meet the staff

welcome to your student village

Our dedicated team of managers, maintenance staff, support staff and resident assistants are here to assist you with all of your needs, answer questions and ensure your student village is a comfortable, safe and exciting place to live.

Who We Are

Sandra Hall

Assistant Director of Resident Life

Harvard Taylor

Director of Operations

Tiona Brousard

Director of Leasing

Anita Harrison

Operational Finance

Michael Gill

Maintenance Supervisor

Jimmy Frisby

Maintenance Technician

Coretta Batiste


Hansanie Perera

Resident Assistant

Keyosha Ladner

Resident Assistant

Megan McGee

Resident Assistant

Cheyenne Lewis

Resident Assistant

Whitney Marshall

Resident Assistant

Nicholas Jones

Resident Assistant

Chris Williams

Resident Assistant

Cidni Doell

Resident Assistant