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Should I choose Illini Tower as my home-away-from home?

Yes! From our great amenities, all inclusive rates, private or shared suite style living options, on-site dining open seven days a week and free laundry to our location just two blocks from the Main Quad on campus; Illini Tower has everything you need for a successful school year.

Is Illini Tower a PCH option and can Freshman/First Year students live there?

Yes, freshman and first year students are approved to live at Illini Tower! As a PCH option, Illini Tower is part of the greater PCH community of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

PCH stands for Private Certified Housing and means that while we may be owned by a private company, we are certified by the university to house all of their students. Freshmen to Graduate students are welcome at Illini Tower and will be gladly accepted into our community.

Is Illini Tower located close to campus?

Illini Tower is located just 2 blocks from the Main Quad of the university on campus. Illini Tower is situated within walking distance to the center of campus, campus town restaurants on Green Street, and CUMTD bus stops.

Our address is 409 E Chalmers Street, Champaign IL 61820.

What type of rooms are available?

Illini Tower has many room options available. You may go to our rooms and rates page for current availability.

Efficiency and Deluxe Efficiency: These rooms offer the most amount of privacy to our residents. These units are completely private and you will not have to share the bathroom, kitchenette, or bedroom with anyone else. The room includes a Twin XL bed, dresser, desk and desk chair, closet, mini-fridge/freezer, and a microwave. An Ethernet connection and a cable connection are also included. Efficiency units have a balcony while Deluxe Efficiency units have more space.

3 bedroom and 4 Bedroom: These rooms have individual bedrooms that share a common area space, bathrooms, and a kitchen between all residents within the apartment. It is a great deal that allows you to still experience the college atmosphere of having a roommate while enjoying a private bedroom to yourself. Each bedroom includes a Twin XL bed, desk and desk chair, wardrobe closet, and Ethernet connection. The common area includes closets, couch, sofa chair, end tables, coffee table, and a cable connection. A stove, cabinets, and refrigerator/freezer await you in the kitchen.

Standard and Corner: These rooms are our most popular apartments for style and price. They are closest to the apartments available with the university. Each apartment is a two bedroom/four person apartment with two residents per bedroom. All four individuals will share the common area, bathroom, and kitchen. Each bedroom includes Twin XL beds, two desks and desk chairs, a dresser, two large closets, and Ethernet connections. The common area includes a couch, sofa chair, end tables, coffee table, and a cable connection. A full kitchen with stove, cabinets, and refrigerator/freezer is included as well.

Private Standard/Corner: These rooms are available to our residents who enjoy the layout of the standard or corner unit but also want the additional privacy in the bedroom. The bedroom is upgraded with a full bed and a television. It also comes with a desk and desk chair, a dresser, two large closets, and an Ethernet connection. The common area includes a couch, sofa chair, end tables, coffee table, and a cable connection. The kitchen has a stove, set of cabinets, and a refrigerator/freezer.

Can I use my Financial Aid?

Absolutely! Illini Tower has a Financial Aid Deferment plan that will help you to make lease payments that better coincide with the dates the university will distribute award money to its students.

For more information, please contact info@illinitower.net and find out about this option today!

Can I choose my own roommate? And what happens if my roommate can’t come?

You may indeed choose your roommate. When filling out your lease online, if you already know the name of the person you wish to lease with, you will want to share this information with us in the “Requested Roommate” space. Your friend will also do the same in their lease. You both should still fill out the profile information just in case one of you cannot attended UIUC this year.

If you want to find your own roommate, you will be able to review the profiles for others that have leased your room type. After selecting your room type choice these profiles will be visible to the right of the open rooms.

If your intended roommate cannot come to Illini Tower, we will do our best to match you up with another resident using the online profiles. Do not worry about the cost of their lease contract! All leases are individual and you will not be charged for your roommate’s share.

All roommate requests are always accepted and processed, however we cannot guarantee all requests can be granted.

What is the dining facility like?

Our food service is one of the best, and is one of the few facilities that is open 7 days a week. We have special plate request options and late plate options if you have a meeting or are stuck in class during our regular hours.

We also have our Chef’s prepare special requests and will incorporate your recipes into the line-up whenever possible. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Once you have a meal plan with Illini Tower, you may bring a guest with you. They can be treated to one of your meals. If they enjoy the food as much as you do, they can sign up for a meal plan even if they do not live at Illini Tower yet.

If you are a freshman or first year student at UIUC, you will be signed up for the SILVER MEAL plan. This plan has 200 meals for the semester or two meals a day/ seven days a week. This meal plan is required by university housing but unlike housing, your meals will be valid for the whole semester and will not expire until the next semester of your lease.

We also have a BRONZE MEAL plan for upperclassmen who wish to use their apartment kitchens to a greater extent or a GOLD MEAL plan for those students who know that the SILVER MEAL plan will not cover all their needs.

Meal Plan Options: Per the Private Certified Housing standards; new, first time attending students are required to have a meal plan with a minimum of ten (10) meals per week (or an equivalent). The Illini Tower dining plan equivalent to ten (10) meals per week is the Silver Meal Plan. All students residing with Illini Tower are required to select and obtain a meal plan when signing a lease. Meal plan options include:

  • Bronze Meal Plan: includes 160 meals per semester *
  • Silver Meal Plan: includes 200 meals per semester
  • Gold Meal Plan: includes 250 meals per semester

* The Bronze Meal Plan is available only to non-first time attending students who can provide proof they have resided on campus for one full academic year with a Private Certified Housing facility or University Housing.

How much is the security deposit?

Illini Tower currently does not collect a security deposit. That’s right, no deposit! The money associated with signing a lease contract are simply the leasing fees and no more.

What else do I have to pay with my lease contract?

Illini Tower has an all-inclusive lease contract and this means that your electricity, water, cable, internet, use of the laundry facilities, sewer, and trash/recycling costs are all part of the lease contract.

Is it true the Illini Tower has free laundry?

Absolutely! As a resident of Illini Tower, you may feel free to take advantage of our free laundry. Not only that, but all of our machines are brand new as of 2016.

Just bring your laundry detergent, fabric softener and of course, your dirty clothing.

What other amenities are at Illini Tower?

Besides our “SUDS” or laundry rooms, we have a computer lab/24 hour quite study lounge on the first floor of Illini Tower. This room is known as our “THINK” room and you only need to bring paper if you want to take advantage of our free printing.

In our subfloor, we have a “MUSIC” room with a piano. You may also bring your own musical instrument to practice on.

There is a “GAME ROOM” with a ping pong table, pool table, and televisions. Board games are also available for check-out at the front desk.

Our “FLEX” room provides fitness equipment to all of our residents. You can break a sweat on our free weights, elliptical machines, and treadmills. If you are into Yoga, just ask the front desk to borrow one of our many mats.

Finally, there is our “FLIX” room or movie theater room with over 200+ movies to watch along with cable television projected onto our screen. You can even hook up your own laptop to host a presentation for your friends or group.

The university shuts down over break, so will I have nowhere to go?

Rest assured that you will never be without a place to stay when you lease with Illini Tower.

We do close down for Fall (Thanksgiving) Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break. However as a resident you have the option to stay with us during all building closures. You will be expected to fill out a break form and could be subject to pay a nominal fee as part of our break housing program.

Not staying for break? No issues there. You may feel free to go on vacation or home but you do not have to move out. Your items can stay locked up in your room.

Is there parking available at Illini Tower?

Yes! Parking is limited but we only lease spaces to Illini Tower residents to keep more available to you. All spaces are in our underground temperature controlled garage that is away from the elements.

Spaces are assigned and patrolled by staff. Unknown vehicles that are not registered may be towed at discretion.

Please let feel free to contact info@illinitower.net directly for more information and to see if spaces are available.

Is there housekeeping at Illini Tower?

Illini Tower offers housekeeping through an approved outside vendor. By mentioning that you live at Illini Tower, you should receive a discounted rate.

Please contact info@illinitower.net for more information.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes! Illini Tower has Wi-Fi throughout the building as well as Ethernet connections in every bedroom for faster internet. Our provider also services a 24 hour help desk and you may simply call them while at your computer for help.

What should I bring to Illini Tower?

A list of items to bring may be found in our Welcome Packet posted on our Resources page or by emailing info@illinitower.net.