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Is Studio Green only housing for students?

Absolutely not! Our residents really represent a wide gamet of individuals that make a very diverse community of great people. We do have a leasing program (available and an option) that caters to students but anyone is welcome at our community.

How long are your lease agreements?

Lease agreements are generally 12 months in term. Short term leases may be considered at an additional cost premium. We generally prefer our leases to end at the end of July, December or May and therefore some leases may be a bit longer than 12 month leases if you agree to that ʺrate lock inʺ for a bit longer!

Are pets allowed?

Studio Green is a pet friendly community. Studio Green allows you to have one pet that can be either a cat or dog. A pet must not be greater than 30 pounds at full maturity. Studio Green does not allow any pet of an aggressive breed. Along with the appropriate paper work being submitted, Studio Green requires a $250 pet non refundable fee and a $250 refundable pet security deposit.

Can I have a vehicle?

Studio Green allows all residents to have one vehicle free of charge and has a parking permit system. There is ample parking throughout the property. All vehicles will be registered in order to receive a parking permit as a Studio Green resident.

Can I pay my monthly installments with a credit card?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover for the payment of the security deposit, lease contract processing fee and monthly installments. We offer credit card payments through OneSite Payments. This credit card service will process your payment for an additional fee per transaction.

Do you provide Internet access?

An Ethernet connection is available in all units and a wireless connection is available in all units with the purchase of a wireless router. Airwaves in the network provider for Studio Green Internet and television.

The Centre has free wi-fi access available throughout the building.

We also have a business centre with computers where you can access the Internet.

What is individual lease liability?

Individual lease liability is a leasing program primarily used primarily by the members of our community that are students. Individual lease liability is a great program if you are a student and protects you from every having your account be placed in jeopardy because a roommate doesn’t take care of thier rent for thier room. Utilizing this program, you can be assured that only you will have to pay your portion of the rent.

Are furniture packages available?

Furniture packages are available at a monthly rental fee in addition to your monthly installments. Furniture package includes one full size bed and mattress, underbed dresser, nightstand, sofa, sofa chair, coffee table, end table, desk and desk chair, and kitchen table and chairs.

Are priorities given to particular students?

All applicants who sign a lease are assigned to open bed spaces on a first come-first served basis. Priority is not given to any particular group of students.

Can I be released from my lease if my roommate and I do not get along?

Attending college and deciding to live in a student community often means living with a roommate. If you choose to rent using the optional individual lease liability program, roommates may have diverse experiences and may come from different cultures. Our management staff is trained at helping roommates work through concerns to negotiate resolutions to problems. We will try to relocate you to a different apartment if one is available and you have truly tried to work out your differences with your current roommate. Unfortunately, space is not always available to offer relocation. You cannot be released from your contract with us for not liking your roommate.

Can I choose my roommates?

If you’d like to share an apartment with a friend, please specify this on the first page of your lease. Given our high demand, we can’t guarantee to fulfill all requests, but we’ll definitely try our best to accommodate you. The earlier you and your friend apply, the easier it is for us to assign you to the same apartment. If you know someone who might want to live at the Village, you can refer a friend here!

Can you help me find a roommate?

We do provide a roommate matching service at Studio Green.

How close is Studio Green to the University?

Studio Green is less than a mile from the campus of University of Delaware. Studio Green is located on Thorn Lane off of Elkton Road.

What happens if my roommate does not pay their rent?

You’ll have an individual lease so you’re never responsible for your roommate’s rent – you’ll only owe your portion of the monthly installments.

What if I have a maintenance request?

As a resident if you have maintenance request you can call the office at 302-368-7000 to provide your name, unit number, request, and call back number or you can file a maintenance request online through your resident portal.