Do you have any questions? Let us help you out!

Am I eligible for accommodation at Chisholm Hall?

All students enrolled in a Higher Education institution in the San Antonio area are eligible to apply for accommodation at Chisholm Hall, including research assistants and full-time, part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Do you accept Financial Aid?

Yes, we do accept Financial Aid! Please contact Fiscal Services at 210-458-8000 to release your funds via a Bursar Receipt to confirm your accommodation payments.

Are pets allowed?

There is a strict no pets policy at Chisholm Hall. This includes goldfish and birds.

Are priorities given to particular students?

The Village hosts a diverse range of residents from all over the world and across the United States, and we see this as a true strength of our community. To ensure fairness, we don’t give preference to any group over others. Therefore we encourage all applicants to submit the relevant forms as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Are the beds bunkable? Adjustable?

The beds are neither bunkable or adjustable.

Can I choose my roommates?

If you’d like to share an apartment with a friend, please specify this on yourroommate matching form. Given our high demand, we can’t guarantee to fulfill all requests, but we’ll definitely try our best to accommodate you. The earlier you and your friend apply, the easier it is for us to assign you to the same apartment. If you know someone who might want to live at the Village, you can refer a friend here!

Can I have a vehicle?

Chisholm Hall residents will need to register their vehicles with UTSA Parking services. You will need to register and purchase your parking pass through parking services. You will find them at http://www.utsa.edu/auxiliary/parking.html.

Can we hang shelves? Hooks?

Any holes made in the walls will incur a charge at the end of the year for repairs. We ask that the students use either poster putty or painters tape that will not damage the walls when removed if they wish to hang things on the walls. Also, nothing can be hung from the fire suppressions system.

Can you help me find a roommate?

We do provide a roommate matching service at Chisholm Hall. Please fill out theroommate matching form and submit it to our offices in order to take advantage of this free service.

Do you provide Internet access?

Internet access is provided at Chisholm Hall by Airwave.

How big are the closets?

Each closet is 7ft tall by 2.5ft deep by 5ft wide and has a bar for hanging clothes.

How can we wash our dishes?

The kitchen has a sink. Each student is responsible for bringing their own dishwashing liquid to wash any personal dishes or community pots and pans that they may use

How close is Chisholm Hall to the University?

Chisholm Hall is located on-campus at the University of Texas at San Antonio. It takes approximately five minutes to walk to the University Center and just eight minutes to walk to the John Peace Library.

How long are your lease agreements?

Chisholm Hall offers a full (August – July), an academic (August – May), a spring (January – May), and a summer (May – July) term lease.

How much does laundry cost?

Laundry is $1 to wash and $1 to dry per load. The machines operate by coins or by credit card. Soap is not provided and each student should bring their own washing powder/liquid.

How much room is available under the beds for storage?

All beds reside on a standard bed frame with no attached storage area underneath. There is approximately 6 inches of open space between the floor and the bottom of the box spring.

I have my own furniture; can I remove yours?

You may supplement the furniture that comes in the unit but you may not remove any of the furniture provided to you by Chisholm Hall.

Is a dresser provided? How much storage per person?

In the basic rooms, the bed is provided along with the built in desk. In the Deluxe rooms, each student is provided a bed and headboard, night stand with two drawers, a lamp, and a Chest of drawers with 5 drawers. Each room is equipped with two closets for storage, one per resident in double rooms and two if in a single.

Is there a safe place for my bike?

Bike racks are located on the exterior of the building. Each student is responsible for providing their own bike lock. Bike racks are not covered. Bikes are not allowed in the Hall.

Is there an on-site laundry facility?

Laundry rooms are located on each floor in near the middle stairwell.

Is there storage provided in the bathrooms? A cabinet? Towels?

Each room has a double sink area just outside of the bathroom with two medicine cabinets as well as three drawers and two small cabinet areas under the sinks. There is not storage in the bathroom itself. Towels are not provided. A towel rack is located in the bathroom.

Should I bring a towel for the pool?

Towels are not provided for the rooms or the pool area.

Should I bring dishes?

Students are free to bring whatever dishes and utensils they would like to have in their rooms. The community kitchen is stocked with one set of pots and pans and the very basic cooking utensils such as a serving spoon, spatula, etc. These are stored in the cabinets in the kitchen, which is open 24 hrs a day. Some students choose to leave some of their personal cups, plates, mugs, etc. in the kitchen cabinets. These students do this with the understanding that it is a community kitchen and anything in the kitchen area may be used by other students. Any item that a student wishes to have for only their personal use is generally kept in their room. Students may have a microwave or other appliances in their rooms as long as there is no open heating elements or flames. This prohibits camping stoves and other portable cooking devices traditionally used outdoors.

What if I have a maintenance request?

As a resident if you have maintenance request you can make a maintenance request online through your resident portal 24/7 or you may call the office at 210.697.4400 to provide your name, unit number, request, and call back number.

What size are the beds? What size sheets do we need to bring?

All room types have regular twin beds with the exception of the Single deluxe rooms which come with a queen size bed.

What size is the desk?

The desk is built along the wall and runs the entire width of the room (13.5 ft) and extends approx. 2ft out from the wall. There are six drawers (three per student) located in the middle of the desk and a chair is provided for each student.