Studying at the University of Texas at Arlington?
There’s no better place to be than Centennial Court Student Village! We’re located right in the heart of UTA campus. This means no waiting for shuttles, easy access to classrooms and waking up 10 minutes before your morning classes! With stylish, fully furnished apartments and a fun residential life program, this is right where you want to be!

village life

Whether you are near or far away from home, we ensure your student village provides a convenient, affordable and fun living experience. As you embark on your journey, you have the reassurance that we provide everything you are looking for, including safety, security, flexible contracts and best pricing.

places to eat, play and shop

Visit Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor

Both of these parks are a great summer activity for all thrill seekers and adventurers and both are only a short 5 mile car ride away from Centennial.

Go to a game at one of our local stadiums

Living in Arlington means living in close proximity to two of the state’s professional sports teams, The Dallas Cowboys NFL team and the Texas Rangers MLB team. Even if you don’t have time to catch a game, the teams’ nearby stadiums also offer tours, gift shops and restaurants.

Go bowling at AMC Spare Time Lanes

This is one of the affordable options near campus and is only ~3 miles away. Spare time lanes boasts Dollar Mondays as well as student nights on Thursdays, so it has many options for you to enjoy striking out for once.

Play putt-putt at Putt-Putt Fun Center

This is also another student-friendly activity, as the Putt-Putt fun center offers student discounts on their already affordable prices. If you get tired of playing mini golf, you can always head next door to Alley Cats and play their many games.

Visit River Legacy Park

This is a great activity for the outdoorsy type. River Legacy Park offers hiking, bike riding trails, and local wildlife. This park is good for a quick day trip during all seasons.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is the local Subway alternative, which prices and food that are definitely comparable. It tends to be a favorite for students not only because of the live music and great food, but also because of the offered student discount. Recommended dish: Pulled Pork Sandwich. 1301 S. Cooper St., Arlington, Texas. (817)522-9897.

Beruit Rock Café

Beruit Rock Café provides food that most students aren’t familiar with before going here. Providing a wide range of food, Beruit Café can often be seen filled with students from many different backgrounds and food tastes. Recommended dish: Gyro. 1201 S. Cooper St., Arlington, Texas. (817)860-5499.

J. Gilligan’s Bar & Grill

Half restaurant and half pub, J. Gilligan’s is a great student hangout. Their affordable food draws people in, but the atmosphere, with its live music and friendly people, makes people want to stay awhile. Recommended dish: Irish Nachos. 400 E. Abrams St., Arlington, Texas. (817)274-8561.

Bethany’s Boba Tea House

Bethany’s Boba Tea House is another popular destination for students, boasting low prices and authentic cuisine. Bethany’s is often described as the best local restaurant for dining on a budget. Recommended dish: Vegetable Lo Mein. 705 W. Park Row Dr., Arlington, Texas. (817)461-1245.

Old School Pizza & Suds

Old School Pizza & Suds, a pizza place run out of an old house, is a popular alternative to franchised delivery pizza. With build-your-own pizzas aplenty, Old School will often be seen filled with local students and residents. 603 W. Abrams St., Arlington, Texas. (682)323-4441.

Studio Movie Grill in the Arlington Highlands

Want to see a movie? Studio Movie Grill in the Arlington Highlands boasts the newest movies along with delicious food, great for a one-stop date night. 225 Merchants Row, Arlington, Texas. (817)466-4440.

Round One Entertainment in the Parks Mall

Round One is an arcade for all ages, with games, claw machines, karaoke, and bowling all under one roof. This is a perfect place to let loose your inner child and have some fun. 3811 S. Cooper St. Suite 6004. Arlington, Texas. (817)855-4941.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The sports fanatic will have fun here, with the nightly happy hour and many televisions each boasting your favorite sports games. If you want to relax and watch the game, but also want your favorite drinks and wings at your beckon call, Buffalo Wild Wings is the place for you. 1301 N. Collins Suite 101. Arlington, Texas. (817)860-2999.

Mavericks Bar & Grill

Mavericks Bar & Grill, otherwise known as Mavs Bar, is a popular destination among students due to the exceptional service, friendly atmosphere, and affordable food/drinks. This is a great place to meet other students in a relaxing atmosphere. 601 E. Main St., Arlington, Texas. (817)548-1442.

Grease Monkey Burgers

Grease Monkey Burgers is another popular student destination. Many say that the service and burgers here can’t be beat and the live music just adds to the overall appeal. 200 N. Mesquite St., Arlington, Texas. (817)665-5454.

shopping malls and unique stores

Wild West Comics & Games
1215 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, Texas

For those into having that hard copy of a comic book that reminds them of their childhood, Wild West Comics is the place to go. Not only do they sell comic books, but also a variety of games and comic book memorabilia and they host many game nights throughout the week.


The Parks at Arlington Mall
3811 S. Cooper St.
Arlington, Texas

Boasting an ice ring, merry-go-round, and as many varieties of ice cream as you can consume, the Parks mall is the place to go to get almost anything you’re looking for.

Arlington Highlands
137 Merchants Row
Arlington, Texas

The Highlands has shops and restaurants that cover the interests of many. You could easily spend day or night here due to the vast amount and variety of everything it contains.


Lincoln Square
1500 N. Collins
Arlington, Texas

Much like the Highlands, Lincoln Square has a wide variety of shops and restaurants to please anyone. Night or day, you will definitely find something to do here.

Asel Art Store
618C W. Park Row Dr.
Arlington, Texas

This store is the artist’s haven, with many varieties of supplies. Artist or non-artist, this store is definitely one to visit.

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