Promotion ends in:

Until 28th February 2018, meaning you will benefit from the best rates we can offer, plus:

  • Option to choose your room
  • Book as a group

What you need to know

Rebooking will save you the hassle and time of searching for somewhere new to live. You’re already familiar with the great facilities your Village has to offer, with its own fun and vibrant student community, so you know you’ll be getting excellent value for money. What’s more is you will be benefiting form our frozen rates which are available to current residents only…

Made new friends who don’t live at the Village already? By rebooking now, you can get your friends involved as well and book to stay together next year in your own flat!

Frozen rates mean that you will benefit from paying a price that is only available to current residents and is fixed for these two weeks only. As the days change typically so do our rates, so if you don’t book now under the frozen rates promotion you could end up paying a higher rate later on.

Just click on your Village name below and you’ll be directed through to the Village website where you can check out the room types and prices. From there you can hit apply now which will take you directly to our resident portal, where you can rebook.

To view, the full terms and conditions click here.