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V1 first year uni

Your first year of university has begun! An exciting and new chapter in your life and one you’ve worked really hard to achieve. Congratulations!

As you start to settle in, it’s important to know you’re not alone. You will join many other first year students who are new to university life and keen to see what the year ahead will bring.

This is where UC Accommodation Student Village (UCA) comes in. As you create the first version of your Uni life, your V1, you will become part of the V1 Crew supported by our amazing team. They have been trained to show you the best way to get the most of your on-campus student experience – and we can’t wait to get started!

You are going to have an incredible journey with V1. Your V1 is the balance between embracing the vibrancy of life and academic success. V1 is your key to starting Uni well. When you start things well, they typically finish well!

Ready to start? Read on for more information about what to expect.


Get involved! The village atmosphere is great and a whole lot of fun. You can now call UCA home, along with over 600 other residents, all starting out in their first year at university. UCA has modern facilities, awesome events, around the clock staff support and a direct link into the university services. We have programmes in place to make Uni life awesome. Psst! Did you know that students who live on campus perform better academically?


V1 is all about linking students to the University of Canterbury to make your experience the best it can be. The V1 Crew will have already contacted you before you arrived, but are still on hand to answer all those little questions we know you have! Living at UCA, you’re going to be part of a thriving student community with awesome social events, the university’s educational facilities and learning opportunities, right at your doorstep. Whether you want to relax on the lawn, take part in a class or do some last minute work on your essay, you won’t have to go far. There are student lounges, outside tables and green space, study rooms, computer suites and a TV area so you can catch up on your favourite shows. Add laundry and parking facilities, and you can be sure that we’ve got everything covered.


Your safety is our priority. UCA has CCTV coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and village security personnel are on hand every night. The buildings and apartments are accessible only by swipe card and each individual bedroom can be locked. Our staff are trained in incident response, first aid and how to work with local emergency services. If you have any concerns, someone will always be available to assist.


V1 plugs you straight into a community that is all about living, learning and growing! You’ll make friendships that will change your life and forge bonds with people to carry with you for a lifetime. Live it up with sports competitions, weekend trips and themed parties to make meeting new people all the more exciting. Learn new things with tutorials, study facilities and tutor groups so you can excel in your studies. Grow with cooking classes and job skill workshops so you can prepare yourself for Uni and beyond!


Food glorious food! The Uni Hall dining hall will provide you with your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner fuel, just like home. Large share tables are great for a catch up with friends or meeting new people. The kitchens at Ilam are fully equipped for your culinary masterpieces or grab a meal plan for the dining hall at Uni Hall.


With trained staff on site 24 hours a day, you are in the best hands. We have developed systems to make sure that all our residents can get help when they need it. Our dedicated team of Resident Assistants (RA’s) are hand-picked directly from the student community. They are responsible for organising events and helping you settle into Uni life. The RA’s have been in your shoes, both socially and academically, and most importantly they get what it’s like to move away from home for the first time!


The village is located at the University of Canterbury, so you can wake up and be in class minutes later. You’re in the heart of the action, right as it happens, on campus. UCA is a short bus ride from Christchurch City, home to awesome pockets of innovative design and social spaces with some great shopping centres and excellent bars and restaurants. You’re also just a short drive from the mountains and the beach where you can ski, bungy jump, hike, mountain bike, raft, surf, swim, golf, see whales, dolphins and seals, visit wineries and gardens, and generally be amazed by what’s in your back yard!


We understand that it’s important to achieve that balance between having fun and getting work done. To complement our high energy community, we’ve also got high speed wireless internet throughout the village so you can study on the go. Our dedicated common rooms offer group and private study spaces that are designed to suit your study style.

So now what?

Your RA will make sure you settle in but if you need us just shout!

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what is V1 first year uni all about?

Take a peak at our video and see what it means to join the V1 Crew and be a part of the V1 First Year Uni experience at UC Accommodation Student Village. From providing support, to organising social events, we make your student experience the best it can be!

parents & guardians

Sending your child to University for the first time can be a daunting experience. How will they cope on their own, will they be motivated to study, what sort of peers will they mix with and most importantly, how will they take care of themselves? Please read our dedicated parents page for information on the care and support that we offer your young people.

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