safety and security

your safety is our priority

At University Hall a Residential Adviser (RA) is always on hand to look after you, help give support and offer a friendly ear if you’re feeling a bit homesick. RA's are senior students selected for their personal and leadership qualities.

The University of Canterbury security team patrols our sites regularly, and overnight they make three rounds at various times to ensure everyone is kept safe. University Hall has security cameras placed at strategic points to monitor the premises and their own security staff who patrol the site regularly outside of office hours.

The RA’s at University Hall take turns to work during the night, offering pastoral care and support. They are connected to UC Security for immediate assistance if required. For emergencies there is a Duty Manager who lives on site; the on-duty RA will contact them should they need to.

As well as the security cameras, all buildings have secure, swipe access and residents have individual key access to their own rooms. This ensures that buildings are locked down with access only for those who live there.