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If you've got a question, we're here to give you an answer. Our staff are available around the clock to help you out, whether you've been locked out of your room or are after a recommendation for the best coffee in town.

who we are


Head of Hall

Hi there, I’m Diana your new Head of Hall. I originate from Wellington but have been Living in Brisbane Australia for the last 30 years. I love being back in the beautiful city of Wellington and look forward to meeting all residents for 2016. If you see a wee poodle trotting about that’s Mille (Moomoo) who loves cuddles. Please feel free to pop into the office for a chat or say hello, I look forward to it.


Residential Life Coordinator

Hey, I’m Jaime, your new Res-life Coordinator for 2016. I am a small-town girl from Warkworth, north of Auckland. This year I am undertaking the first year of my Masters in Criminology, studying part-time. Everton Hall has been my home for the last three years, and I look forward to being able to give back to the hall, and its residents, providing a great environment to Live, Learn and Grow. Feel free to come and have a chat any time, and welcome to Everton Hall for 2016.


Residential Services Officer

Born and bred in Wellington, Linda completed a Commerce degree at Victoria University. When not at Everton Hall, Linda is busy being Mum to her 2 young boys.


Residential Services Officer


Maintenance Supervisor

Denis looks after Everton Hall's maintenance requirements and has been part of the team since January 2009. You will soon get to know him with his friendly, helpful manner and carpentry skills. Denis’ expertise is shared between Everton Hall and Te Puni Village.

staff support

At Everton Hall a Residential Assistant (RA) is always on hand to look after you, help organise social events and offer a friendly ear if you’re feeling a bit homesick. RAs are senior students selected for their personal and leadership qualities.

On call 24/7, the RAs are very approachable. They can be contacted by dialing +64 4 472 0655.

For emergencies there is a Residential Life Coordinator and Head of Hall who both live on site; the on-duty RA will contact them should they need to.

The Residential Assistant (RA) team, made up of senior members of our student community, is an essential part of the Village support network.  Led by the Residential Life Coordinator, RA’s all live at Everton Hall and are students of Victoria University of Wellington.

The RA team helps to organise a range of activities as part of our Residential Life program. They also help make sure that the Village operates smoothly and a pleasant environment is maintained for all residents.  RAs are trained in a number of areas to ensure they can provide the appropriate support and assistance in the Village, including conflict resolution and first aid.

They are also there to provide help to residents who are experiencing difficulties and are in need of assistance. You can also just have a chat with them if you need talk anything through with someone.