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Living with others

Living with others

How best to get on with the other villagers?

Living with others is an opportunity to expand your horizons by getting to know people from different cities, countries and cultures.Everyone has quirks and habits, and no one is ever 100% right, but it’s important to remember that any difficulties can all be resolved.

Keep it down

We have a noise policy to help keep everyone happy.

Please show some consideration by:
•Being mindful of how loud your conversations may be on the phone or on Skype – especially when calling abroad at 3.00am
•Planning any party you may have as a group – don’t leave anyone out
•Getting to know your flatmates’ timetables – it’s a good idea for you to let each other know when you have exams or essay deadlines, so that you don’t interrupt them too much
•Respecting each other’s music tastes. If other people – even your flatmates – complain about your music, don’t get too defensive – maybe the volume is a little too high.
•Warning your neighbours that things may get a bit noisy. Got to keep everyone sweet!

Cooking in communal kitchens

To keep the kitchen a happy place, here are a few culinary tips:
•Ask permission to use anything that belongs to your flatmates such as utensils or equipment
•Eat together now and then, even if you don’t share the cooking
•Make sure everyone has room in the fridge
•Don’t leave your dirty dishes lying around
•Don’t let food rot away, keep an eye on what you’ve bought – give it to someone else if you’re not going to use it



Keepings things clean

Keep your apartment clean and keep your flatmates happy – and remember that it will be regularly inspected.

Laundry facilities are available within the Village. There is a $3 fee to wash and dry.

Doing a regular wash makes life more pleasant for everyone, and is part of your responsibilities as a Village resident. Whether you club together to wash your whites or delicates is up to you, but spare a thought for others when drying clothes:
•Don’t leave clothes lying around while trying to get them dry
•Use the tumble dryer in the launderette
•You can dry clothes in your room but only with the window open…you need the ventilation to remove the moisture! And never dry anything on the heater!

Get rid of the rubbish
Clearing up the contents of a split, over-full bin bag is a job no one wants, so set up a roster for taking out the rubbish and make life easy for everyone.

Recycling: easier than you think
Set up a system, agree a roster for emptying the recycling and stick to it.

Keep on top of your bathroom
Your sink, shower and toiler all need regular cleaning – and not forgetting your shower curtain. Yet again, sharing the cleaning duties will make a happy home for all flatmates.

Flat and bedroom inspections
Firstly, please don’t worry – these inspections are carried out each term you live with us to make sure there are no fire or health and safety risks, and that you’re living in a clean and acceptable living environment. We respect this is your home now and the inspections are generally a very simple, quick process and we try not to inconvenience anyone. You do not have to be present during the inspection, but if you wish to be there, please communicate that with us in advance.

To help you prepare for these inspections, have a quick read of the information below.

As a general rule we conduct no more than 4 inspections per year. Don’t worry, we will be letting each apartmetn know via email the specific date for their apartment’s inspection.

We do not expect to find perfection and we also understand that you wish to make your flat as homely as possible, but there are certain things that we would expect to find:
•Bedroom and communal areas are free from obstructions
•Door closers are working correctly
•Windows open and close securely
•Electrical wires/equipment are deemed safe
•No candles, door wedges, etc.

During the inspection we will also check the cleanliness of the communal areas and your bedroom and we will focus on the following:

Guidelines for Communal Areas
•Stovetops, oven and microwave (they shouldn’t have any build-up of grease, burnt food, etc.)
•Floors (they aren’t meant to be black)
•Pile up of dirty dishes
•Rubbish – level should be below top of bin and surrounding areas clean
•General hygiene and condition of apartment (for example: no marks on walls, damaged/missing furniture, etc.)
•Village rules: no prohibited items such as candles, fairy lights, animals/pets or evidence of smoking within the building; tampering with Fire Fighting Equipment or removal of window restrictors
•Bathrooms – floors, showers/curtains, sinks, toilets, mirrors

Guidelines for Bedrooms
•Floors should be vacuumed
•Furniture should be clean
•Rubbish bin at acceptable level
•General cleanliness
•En-suite bathroom – floors, showers/curtains, sinks, toilets, mirrors
•Village rules – as above

The Result
When we have inspected your flat or bedroom, we will email you so you are aware of our visit and our assessment of the area. Your safety and hygiene are important to us.

If it is deemed that your bedroom or communal areas require further cleaning, we will reinspect. If upon the reinspection those areas already mentioned (or any others) are not cleaned to a satisfactory standard they will be cleaned at a cost to the residents of that apartment or bedroom. Something we all don’t want.

If your room is clean, we appreciate your efforts and will simply continue on.

We are here to help
If you as an apartment/group would like assistance in setting up cleaning/bin rosters or cleaning advice, we are here to help.
Please contact your Village Team and we’ll arrange for a member of staff to come in and help. We always prefer a group of peers to work through issues first.

Going green and being sustainable

We care about the important things in life and want to maximise your student experience while minimising our impact on the environment and the local community.

Look out for events we run to drive awareness of environmental and social issues and show you how to make a difference.

If you’re interested in our sustainable efforts and corporate commitments, then we welcome your support and ideas to shape our next steps. If you want to know more what we are doing, the impact we are having and how to get in touch, please visit

Waste and recycling
•You can recycle paper, plastic, glass, food and many other materials. Ask our staff about the guidelines for your building
•Don’t waste food! Every year 7 million tonnes of food and drink get thrown away.
•Why not donate? Ask at the Reception where the Salvation Army collection point is and start making a difference in someone else’s life!

Heating and energy
•Unplug appliances when you’re not using them
•Switch off the lights and your laptop
•Wash clothes in cold water (30°C) whenever possible, as more than 85% of the energy used by the washing machine serves to heat the water
•Use a lid on your pan when you’re cooking
•Put on an extra layer instead of turning the heating up
•Whenever possible, lower the temperature of your heater

•Reuse your bottles
•Shower quick!
•Turn off the taps properly: a dripping tap wastes 20,000 litres of water per year!
•If you wash your dishes by hand, fill the sink and wash them in it instead of keeping the tap constantly running

•Use public transport rather than your car. It’s good for the environment and can be cheaper and faster
•Why not to try car sharing? You can reduce your carbon emissions and make new friends! Try BlaBlaCar or liftshare
•Walk and bike whenever possible. It will keep you healthy and will reduce your impact on the planet