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winter is over: the 5 stages of emotion

“Spring has sprung”, and other clichés…

I was walking down the street near my house when spring hit me. My nose twitched, I sneezed, and suddenly noticed it wasn’t dreary and cold anymore. Yes, spring is here. While you may not be noticing it in Melbourne (where it’s currently raining like Armageddon), the rest of the country is slowly warming up, and there is an emotional journey that comes with it.



Oh god, why did I wear so many layers?

Spring usually hits you when you realise you don’t need to dress for winter anymore. The sun comes out and the temperature manages to rise more than 2 degrees Celsius, your brow forms a single bead of sweat, and you know it’s all over. By now you may have noticed my somewhat cynical tone. I like winter. Sue me.




I need to budget for antihistamines

Tis the season to die sneezing, fa la la la la, la la la la!

If you’re allergic to anything at all, you’re probably allergic to spring, and whatever goes with it. Pollen, dust, breathable air – you name it. Get your feverish butt down to the pharmacy because you’re going to need some remedies, stat.




12 weeks until summer…

If the words ‘summer body’ surface, it’s spring time, and you’re well within your rights to cringe. Every man and his dog is out lifting weights (and if you live in Bondi Beach the dogs are drinking protein smoothies too). If you love summer, then it’s definitely a positive revelation, but for those of us who ate mass amounts of pasta during winter… not so much.





Why am I so pasty?

Great question! Because you spent the last three months trapped indoors flicking through Netflix and learning the name of the guy who brings you Thai takeout. Vitamin C is probably on the decline, big time, so maybe get outside and see some sun before it unleashes its full wrath in summer.





I can actually walk around outside without a coat

A super big positive of winter leaving is not having to layer up like crazy before you go outside. You can hang out in restaurants and cafes and get a table outside. You can sit comfortably in the park with your coffee or study outside on campus. After all the negative realisations of bad tans, hayfever and being unfit, you do get more of an opportunity for fresh air, and that’s a positive in my book!




Everyone has different preferences for season, and if you love winter like me, you’re a little sad to see it end. But spring is here, and with it comes warmer weather, blooming flowers and more opportunity to get out of the house. Given it’s a busy time of Semester, take advantage of the sun as the weather starts to warm up!



Good luck with your assignments!


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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!