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things I’m glad I never tried at uni

Living on campus is a learning curve.

You can do a lot of dumb stuff when you’re thrown in the deep end of young adult life. Usually you come out relatively unscathed, because a lot of us need to make mistakes to learn. It’s all part of growing as an adult. But some people will make hugely detrimental mistakes during their time on campus that can really put them a step behind the rest of their peers. The kind of stuff that takes you years to bounce back from. Here are some things I’m glad I never did when I lived on campus:


Threw an absolute rager

Don’t get me wrong, I went to a lot of parties. A lot. More than I care to admit. Probably more parties than classes – but I digress… I never threw them. I was happy to head out with mates and see the city, visit bars and cool venues or even just hang at someone else’s house party, but I never threw one myself. So many of these parties can get you in hot water because sometimes you can’t control the crowd or keep unwanted guests out. There’s definitely a way to do it properly, but I’m glad I never trashed my apartment to the point of no return.





Got involved with drugs

It’s a pretty sensitive subject, but it was something I was pretty steadfast about. I most definitely had more than my fair share of drinks, and like a lot of young adults, I learned the hard way how many is too many. But I never took drugs. Maybe it was just the impacts I saw it have on a lot of other people who lived on campus with me, but once you see someone have a bad experience with it, it’s hard to find that kind of thing appealing. Everyone is different, and in no way would I tell someone else how to live their life – but personally I feel good about the absence of it in my uni years, I had a great time without them.



Deliberately failed a subject

I was at uni to figure out what the hell I was doing with my life. And for the most part I had absolutely no idea, but I didn’t let that make me drop the ball. It definitely gets draining, and a lot of the time you don’t feel like you have any energy to make the effort at all, but I always cared about passing – even if I didn’t always pass a class. I saw a lot of students just sit in their rooms and forget about why they were at uni in the first place. There are people you can talk to if you’re losing direction, just don’t shoot yourself in the foot for no reason.



Abandoned my friends

If you’re new to a city and you want to explore it, something you learn very quickly is how important it is to have your friends with you. There are too many stories out there about students who got themselves into danger because they were walking home by themselves. If you’re out in the city with your mates and your friend wants to leave, don’t let them go home alone. You might feel like staying out longer, but it’s not worth your mate getting in to trouble or getting lost so that you can have another hour or two of fun on the town.





Quit a job before getting another one

There may be situations where you feel you need to leave your job, but it’s pretty crucial that you have another form of income before you decide to burn that bridge. Sure, if circumstances at your current job mean you have to leave quickly, by all means go. But if you’re just not feeling it anymore, or you want something a bit different, do your best to be patient and find another job before you quit the one you have. Unless you’ve got huge savings, you’ll be out of money pretty fast.



Reading back over this, it probably seems like I didn’t do anything too daring during my uni years. And while I was pretty cautious of my future and my safety in the city, I definitely made some stupid mistakes. Some too stupid to mention. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot of stuff the hard way, but that just comes with moving out of home. You’re bound to make mistakes too, just be smart where it matters most.




See you Friday,

About the Author


Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!