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the end of Semester: expectations vs reality

If you’re reading this, you’re procrastinating.

And I’d probably be doing the same thing if I had exams to worry about. One of the things that becomes abundantly clear when studying for exams is the sheer volume of work you realised you conveniently ignored up until this point. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Everyone does this – and if you don’t then you’re truly committed to your academic career and we mere mortals are not worthy. Exam time is not just a time for study, it’s a time for procrastination and reflection on the Semester gone, and how much you lowered your standards between Week 1 to now.

You’re doing it right now aren’t you… Here is a list of high expectations you had for yourself this Semester, and what really happened.



You spent a bunch of money on stationery

I am guilty of this. New stationery comes dangerously close to being my favourite thing in the world, so I always spend more money than I should on pens and notebooks. In all likelihood, if you were determined to do well this semester you threw down some serious dollars at the on-campus store and haven’t looked at the items you bought since. Now a tragic community of neglected stationery sits idle in your room.


You bought a gym membership

Ah yes, the gym membership. A symbol of everything you wanted to be and the ease of which you put it out of your mind and bought M&M’s instead. No judgement, I did the same thing. While usually on-campus gym memberships are discounted for students, it probably didn’t look anywhere near as enticing as the Maltesers marked down to $2 a bag.




You downloaded your course outlines and diarised everything

Bless your efficient Week 1 heart. In the lead up to the Semester starting you probably colour coded everything in your over-priced planner from Kikki.k, or chronicled your entire life in Google Calendar. If you managed to then use this as a reference during semester, I’d be very impressed. After I memorised my class timetable I never looked at my planner again. I then proceeded to skip classes that weren’t crucial to me passing, and played Halo.


You went to your lectures

For three weeks. Then you stopped.


You planned on doing all your readings

I think this is the biggest lie uni students tell themselves. No one does all of their readings. If you are one of these people then you’re a freak of nature and you should let me copy your notes. Realistically, you looked at the list, had a little panic attack about how much money it was going to cost, bought them all, read two weeks-worth of content and never picked up the book again. At least you tried, right?




You had a meal plan going at one point

The idea of big weekend cook-ups and sorting a weeks-worth of meals into Tupperware was your studious dream at the beginning of Semester. But somewhere along the line the leftovers ran out, you got low on funds and IGA

was selling roast chickens for $3. Now you’re eating Mi Goreng and Skittles.


you right now ^


The good news? You’re almost at the finish line of Semester 1. That means you can make some plans to ~*chillax*~ over the break and put your feet up. And even though all those good intentions and aspirations to stay organised went by the wayside, at least you made it to the other side. You did good.



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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!