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the bugs you’ll meet at uni (yes, bugs)

You read that correctly.

No one is ever aware of just how many bugs they will encounter once they move out of home. It’s one of the things you’ll praise your parents for, since up until now you probably didn’t know what a bug infestation looked like because they were so good at cleaning up after your lazy butt. But alas, you’re coming to uni, and while there are just about a bajillion awesome reasons to move out of home, bugs are not one of them. Here are a few bugs you’ll probably encounter during your time living out of home, and how to avoid them at all costs.


(FYI, not including pictures, they are creepy, and if you want to look at them you can follow the links because my blog is a happy place and no bugs allowed).




Ahh weevils. I lived in the Village for four years, and I didn’t experience a weevil infestation until my final year at uni. These little creeps love hiding in your food – I’m talking rice, flour, cereal, and any other open packets of dried food you might have lying around. They like to get cosy in there, and they usually come about by being carried in on newly purchased food (they like to attack fruit as well, so make sure you wash your fresh produce after you buy it). Mostly they are just super annoying because once they get in to your food you’ve gotta chuck it all out. It’s a hassle, and a total waste of precious student funds. Do yourself a favour and prevent weevils messing with your stuff by properly sealing any opened dry foods, and keeping your cupboards and surrounding storage areas clean.






This one you might have guessed, as these little guys are built to survive the apocalypse and they love a dirty kitchen. If you’re living in a big city it’s highly likely that you’ll see them scuttling around outside, and it’s also likely that they’ll get in to your apartment if you don’t take the rubbish out. Also, they are nocturnal (like all natures beautiful creations), and if you’ve seen one it is probably doing the dirty work for its family of 50 under the floorboards. So how do you prevent them? It’s pretty simple. Make sure you’re keeping tidy in the kitchen: wipe down surfaces and spills after cooking, store your foods properly and seal everything, take your rubbish out, and make sure that there are no big cracks that they may be able to crawl through. Ew.





Bed bugs

Oh hell no. Nope, nope, nope. If you’ve got these, you’re in a world of trouble. Sorry to sound morbid here, but there is nothing worse that could enter your home. Not only do they like to feed on the ‘host’ while they’re sleeping (that’s you), they are very difficult to get rid of. They can sit dormant without feeding (*shudder*) for months, and when they decide to start biting you while you sleep, you practically need to quarantine the apartment to remove them. I’m talking washing your clothes, drying them on a hot cycle (or even dry cleaning if that doesn’t work), fumigating the furniture and carpet, and not letting anyone enter the apartment until they’re gone. Make sure you keep your bedrooms clean and wash your bed sheets regularly – there is no stopping these little jerks once they’re inside.





The thing about these pests is this: if your apartment is dirty enough to get one, it’s dirty enough to get them all. And trust me on this – NOTHING is worse than a pest problem. You have to wash everything, you can’t buy new things until they are gone, it costs money and it’s tiring. It is 100% easier to just clean your apartment regularly to prevent it from happening in the first place. Not feeling motivated? That’s cool. I just hope you’re motivated when the plague descends on your home.

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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!