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6 things I wish my parents knew when I left home

When I started University it was really hard to get my parents to understand the pressure of it all. All of the sudden you are bombarded with responsibility and obligations that you were never warned about. Financial issues that you face as a young adult in the modern tertiary education system may not have been the same financial issues your parents faced when they were the same age. Textbook prices can be astronomically high, depending on your field, and University…

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quick tips to help your cover letter and resume pack a punch!

As a uni student moved out of home, you may be looking for a job to support your new independent lifestyle. With all the noise of today’s world, it’s important to stand out when adding your resume to the pile and doing so can be much easier than you might think. With a less is more approach, your resume can become more appealing visually, whilst also packing a punch in substance! Here’s some tips to revamp your cover letter and…

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the job search: it’s not as hard as you think

The word ‘student’ is usually associated with the word ‘poor’, and it’s no wonder… With so many text books, uni fees, essentials for living out of home and rent to pay, how can you avoid shallow pockets? Many of us are lucky enough to have financial assistance or help from our parents, and that’s fantastic! The more support you have to enable you to carry out your studies, the better. But many of us need that little bit of extra cash-in-pocket…

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mental health: get aware and take care

Are you in a lecture right now? Look around you. One in every six people you can see have experienced or will experience a form of depression or anxiety in their lifetime – some may even experience it more than once. Mental illness is common in young adults, and is often ignored or passed off as a bad day, a bad mood, or a side effect of a stressful few weeks. But when you’ve been feeling down for a while,…

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