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things you need to stop doing in your 20’s

There comes a moment when you realise you’re not a teenager anymore. And this might happen a few times in your early-twenties when you’re sprawled out on a couch with glitter stuck to your face and you find your shoes in the fridge for some reason (drawing from experience here…). My point being: you’ll have a few moments in the early years of your degree when you think “I’m too old for this”. Whether it takes a huge raging party…

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your guide to catching some well-deserved Zzz’s

How much sleep did you get last night? If it was anything less than 7 hours you’re probably not catching enough Zzz’s. Sleep was one of the necessities of health that went completely by the wayside when I first started uni, and it was because of a few things: Going out a lot at night Playing video games until 3am Staying up late to do assignments Staying up late because I could One of the things you’ll notice right away…

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6 mistakes everyone makes in their first year

mistakes are inevitable in your first year of uni…   If you think you’re going to get through your first year of university without spending your money on ridiculous items you’ll never use or letting vegetables turn to mush in the fridge, you’re dead wrong. Not to sound cynical here, but when you leave home the independence goes straight to your head, and doing stupid stuff with your money is the fastest way to realise you’re going to need more…

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