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how not to suck at uni-break

Uni break tends to become synonymous with failed plans Or at least it was for me. When I handed in my last assignment for the Semester, I was usually overcome with a sensation of endless possibility – possibility that came in the form of: Watching every movie I could. A lot. Talking crap with friends that always ended in the lines “we should go on a road trip”, or “let’s make a bar bucket list”. None of which we visited…

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internships: how to spot the red flags

Unpaid internships seem to be a necessary evil. Especially if you’re in a competitive industry like media or arts. The question that’s plagued mankind for centuries is the ‘chicken and the egg’ scenario. You need experience for a job, but you need a job to get experience.       Having been through the intern mill and spat out the other side a slightly more experienced but definitely more out-of-pocket graduate, there are a few things you should know if…

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