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things I’m glad I never tried at uni

Living on campus is a learning curve. You can do a lot of dumb stuff when you’re thrown in the deep end of young adult life. Usually you come out relatively unscathed, because a lot of us need to make mistakes to learn. It’s all part of growing as an adult. But some people will make hugely detrimental mistakes during their time on campus that can really put them a step behind the rest of their peers. The kind of…

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why being sunsafe is the smartest thing you can do

This week I got sunburnt in a weird place. I managed to have a day off on one of the hottest Sydney days we’ve had since last summer. It was a fresh 33 degrees, and naturally I decided to go to the beach and make the most of the semi-empty beach before summer really started. Given I’d been in winter hibernation for some months, I was eager to get some Vitamin C… …Okay, I wanted a tan. I lay in…

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winter is over: the 5 stages of emotion

“Spring has sprung”, and other clichés… I was walking down the street near my house when spring hit me. My nose twitched, I sneezed, and suddenly noticed it wasn’t dreary and cold anymore. Yes, spring is here. While you may not be noticing it in Melbourne (where it’s currently raining like Armageddon), the rest of the country is slowly warming up, and there is an emotional journey that comes with it.     Oh god, why did I wear so…

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winter workout: how to keep your fitness on track

Freezing your butt off? Yeah, me too. One of the things that falls by the wayside in winter is fitness. If I’m honest, I was never much of a fitness fanatic in the summer, but it was easier to get to the gym if the weather wasn’t near freezing. Winter tends to bring out the laziness in all of us. We sit inside, watch movies, eat comfort food and sleep in to stay warm. I know, it sounds amazing. But…

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your guide to catching some well-deserved Zzz’s

How much sleep did you get last night? If it was anything less than 7 hours you’re probably not catching enough Zzz’s. Sleep was one of the necessities of health that went completely by the wayside when I first started uni, and it was because of a few things: Going out a lot at night Playing video games until 3am Staying up late to do assignments Staying up late because I could One of the things you’ll notice right away…

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