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the campus lifestyle: pros & cons

Choosing where to live can be tricky… There are more than a few things to consider when you’re moving out of home, and it’s a daunting prospect if you’re living on your own for the first time. Sure, it’s probably going to be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it’s also a big step into adulthood, and there’s definitely a few things to consider before you rush in. Here are the pros and cons of living…

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the cover letter: what not to do

Cover letters can make or break you. If you’re in the market for a job that gets you off the ramen diet, read on. There are a lot of ways to screw up a cover letter. Don’t let this put you off writing one though, they are super important to landing a job, and your resume is almost useless without one. While anyone can write a cover letter, you’d be surprised how many people make the mistakes I’m about to…

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6 mistakes everyone makes in their first year

mistakes are inevitable in your first year of uni…   If you think you’re going to get through your first year of university without spending your money on ridiculous items you’ll never use or letting vegetables turn to mush in the fridge, you’re dead wrong. Not to sound cynical here, but when you leave home the independence goes straight to your head, and doing stupid stuff with your money is the fastest way to realise you’re going to need more…

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