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easy food swaps to help you survive the summer

Lets face it, food rules everything we do. And if it doesn’t, then you’re kidding yourself, because food is probably one of the greatest joys to grace the planet. Many of my most memorable days have something to do with a large selection of seafood, and if I go to a party I am almost exclusively the person lingering at the snack table. No shame, just a fact. While food takes up 80% of the better moments of my life,…

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more rude awakenings of moving out of home

No, not the rude awakening you’re thinking of. There are a few things about uni-life that kind of smack you in the face if you’ve just moved out of home. Sure, it’s a really exciting time and you’re probably super excited to get away from your parents and the last few years of high school mania, but you may be surprised to learn that suddenly living an adult life is not all it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me…

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tips for an affordable Christmas lunch

Let’s face it – Christmas is a strain on the bank account. We buy heaps of presents, food, drinks, clothes and travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres to be with the people we love on the day. Some of us do it up fancy with a three course meal and endless snacks throughout the day, and some people just like to keep it simple. Even if you’re not the Christmas-y type, we’ve got some great ways to make an amazing…

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