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spring clean your mental health

It’s a busy time to be a uni student. What with assignments, exams, presentations and classes still happening, you tend to forget about your well-being. A lot of the time when uni gets stressful I tend to eat like crap, and sleep comes secondary to deadlines. While this seems like it might be the most efficient way to get things done, it’s not. Your mental health needs just as much attention as your uni work. If you’re starting to feel the…

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the end of Semester: expectations vs reality

If you’re reading this, you’re procrastinating. And I’d probably be doing the same thing if I had exams to worry about. One of the things that becomes abundantly clear when studying for exams is the sheer volume of work you realised you conveniently ignored up until this point. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. Everyone does this – and if you don’t then you’re truly committed to your academic career and we mere mortals are not worthy. Exam time is…

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5 ways to spruce up your essay

Essays are, hands down, the worst. And I bet all of you $5 you’ve had to write one at least once in your life (if you haven’t, jokes on you, I have no money 😉 ). The funny thing about essays is that they are pretty easily improved upon if you know what to do. While you might have worked super hard on the content, there are some pretty crucial things that go into the presentation of an essay that…

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