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Sem 2 starts: the 5 stages of emotion

It begins.

If you’re currently sitting in the only non-compulsory lecture you’ll attend this Semester, well done – you’re already procrastinating. Semester 2 has begun and you’re on your way to another few thousand dollars of student debt (and maybe some education too). Cynicism aside, you’ve now got a clean slate. This means all the good habits and Semester 1 resolutions you made that fell by the wayside can reassert themselves. Whether they work this time around, only time will tell. Here are the 5 stages of emotion you’ll experience at the beginning of Semester 2…




The rude awakening

You probably woke up at some stage and went “oh my god, uni is only a week away.” Yep. Semester 2 creeps up faster than you have time to realise it – and everything after that is a mad scramble to get your sh*t together. It’s probably time you started planning your Semester. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…






No more sleeping until midday. No more forgetting what day it is. Bring on a timetable of obligations and deadlines. You’re probably looking back on all the time that has passed since you finished Semester 1, and how you did absolutely nothing. While, personally, I love the thought of doing nothing all day, you’re probably regretting not doing more with your time now that you’ve got none left 😉






Begrudging acceptance

Much like accepting a Monday morning, eventually you’ll grow accustomed to the idea that you have no choice when it comes to the forward momentum of time. Semester 2 is happening whether you like it or not.




Burst of motivation

You’ll find out of nowhere that studious-you kicks in to gear and gets super overexcited for the Semester. You’ll buy stationary, organise your schedule, download your course outlines and generally prep for the Semester ahead. This is the 4th stage. It is temporary – as much as you will it not to be. Unless you’re one of those constantly motivated students who gets their work done on time and doesn’t stress at all, you’re probably used to creating pre-Semester resolutions that you’ll never stick to.




Lull in motivation

This phase usually starts towards the middle of Week 2. It’s when your brilliant stroke of motivation fizzles out and you return to normal. You’ll realise that all your motivation has an expiration date and the rest of the Semester will run on the bare minimum amount of effort to get by. That’s totally fine if that’s what you’re used to – a lot of us tend to lose motivation pretty quickly. Just make sure you don’t get so unmotivated that you don’t show up at all. You’ll need that spark of motivation to kick in again when… *Zzzz*..





It’s really not all that bad – just super hard to shake off the laziness of the uni break. Do your best to string out stage 4 and you’ll be sweet 😉


Go, go, go!



About the Author


Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!