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step up your meal prep game this uni break!

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Now that uni is done for the year and the long awaited Summer break is in session, you’ve got tons of hard earned free time on your hands! This is the perfect opportunity to learn some new meal prep ideas and get them down packed for when uni comes back around.

Ever had those moments where you’re hungry but don’t know what to make and you end up just wasting time thinking of all the possible options? Making decisions is actually very energy draining! It has been said that the brain is like a muscle and the more it gets depleted throughout the day, the less effective it becomes. Take this opportunity to learn some new recipes that you can execute on autopilot! Here’s some killer ideas from youtube to get you started!


If you have a blender, smoothies are an absolute winner! They’re quick to make and because you don’t have to sit down with a knife and fork and chew they’re a lot more time efficient!


Have a bit more time on your hands? These overnight oats are GOLDEN! Who doesn’t want to wake up to a jar of breakfast goodness that you can just take straight out of the fridge?


Lunch & Dinner

If you’re having guests over and want to impress them, these two recipes are simple yet ridiculously fancy looking!


These next few can get you in and out of the supermarket in no time with only 10 ingredients that can make 6 different meals.


If you’re Vegan or just looking to mix it up, these are some pretty neat options and best of all they look mighty delicious!!!


When uni comes back around, you can use your energy and time towards actually doing what you know works, tastes good and can easily be done rather than sitting around indecisively thinking of what to cook or opening the same fridge door 57 times hoping things will be different!

Good luck guys!

– Michael

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