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O’Week is over: the 5 stages of emotion

Oh… we’ve started?

The sentiments of every student who just had themselves a good old time roving around campus and hoarding free Red Bull at O’Week. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but classes have started, and it’s highly likely you’re either in denial, or somewhere along the way to accepting your fate and buckling down for the Semester. It’s been fun, we had a good laugh, memories were made, but O’Week is over. And you’re late for your tute. There are 5 stages of emotion when accepting the imminent end of O’Week, and they go a little something like this:



Wait, what?

You feel that? That’s whiplash. Everyone got up early and went to class with coffee in-hand while you were still dancing with your eyes closed in the corner wearing a KFC bucket on your head. You turned around and found the room was empty and realised it was 8am. Time to wake up. Schools in session, and you’re already late.





Campus is quiet

Yep, it’s 9am. Everyone has just gone into class and the campus that was once covered in streamers and pretty lights, walkways lined with stalls, free food and clubs to join is now filled with the odd straggler trying to run to class with a coffee they can’t balance on their books. Do you know where you’re going? Because you’re now part of the Semester 1 scrum for good grades. Get moving! And maybe grab a coffee to go.




“You’re now part of the Semester 1 scrum for good grades.”


Oh god, who are these people?

By the time you stumble into your first lecture and find a seat you’ll get a moment to catch your breath and look around the room. There are a lot of unfamiliar faces in the room, and 99% of them are not the friends you made during O’Week. Get to know these faces, you’ll be seeing them almost every day for the entire Semester, and a lucky handful will be in your tutorials. My advice? Say hello. It’s much, much easier when you have someone to bounce ideas off, and if you become friends, bonus!



Week 3 incoming…

Across many universities, the first wave of assignments are due around Week 3. The first week of classes is spent stumbling across campus and figuring out where you’re meant to be and when. The second week is to get your head around just how much reading you need to be doing. And the third week is for realising you have an assignment due on Friday worth 20%. Yep. Week 3, she’ll getcha. Keep a close eye on your course outline because the assignments come on quickly. Pay attention.



Woo! Routine.

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of the hustle and bustle of uni-life in full Semester swing, you’ll start to fall into a pattern that is all your own. This is a good feeling. Once you find your groove you’re in a better place to strike some balance in your life, which is just as important as your studies. Once you get on top of assignments and readings, make sure you start scheduling in catch ups with your mates! That’s when the good stuff starts.

you on the weekend after Week 1 ^


O’Week is well and truly over, so wherever you are down the list, look forward to the moment you get your own rhythm happening. Uni life kicks off in the best way once you figure out how to balance classes, work and social life. By Week 3 you should be well and truly in the swing of it 😉

Good luck!

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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!