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how to stop being a last-minute person

Says me, writing this blog at the last minute…


If I’m honest, I was never a last-minute person to begin with. I’m pretty punctual as a person, and I usually arrive early at parties, so I was never late with an assignment or project at uni. I always noticed how difficult it was for my mates at uni who scrambled their work together at the last second to submit it, only to get a mark that wasn’t anywhere near what they could have gotten. Each to their own, but if you’re noticing yourself falling behind in a few different aspect of life, maybe have a read.


Stop looking at your phone

Holding my phone, or having it within arms-reach is now a necessity. With this being the case, I sucked at studying for more than 10 minutes at a time because that thing would ding and buzz until I tore myself away from my notes. Put it on silent, turn it off (if you’re able) or put it in another room away from your study space. You won’t notice how much time you spend staring at it until you put it out of arms reach.





Wake up in the am

Living at the Village usually means you’re all on different sleeping patterns. This was the case for me. Sure, I still woke up with the day, but I sometimes wouldn’t have to be anywhere until midday, so bed is where I stayed. Little did I know how productive I’d feel if I just woke up with the day. It’s amazing how much time in the day you have when you’ve been productive in the morning. Set yourself a reasonable alarm and get yourself into the habit of obeying it. You’ll thank yourself later.





Be positive

Cheesy, but true. Get yourself into a groove of positive self motivation. While it might be tricky to feel positive about a huge pile of work or a massive essay, you’re way more likely to work through it at a steady pace if you’re not putting yourself down or stewing in the pressure of it all. Just set yourself up in a space where you’re getting a little bit of natural sunlight or fresh air and set yourself a small target. The more realistic the goal, the more positive reinforcement you will have for completing it. Before you know it your assignment will be done!




Organise your life

I’m a sucker for stationery and setting reminders. So naturally I love to write lists and diarise my life. You have no idea how helpful it is to make a list – even if you hate lists. You are constantly thanking yourself for creating reminders for the little things you’d usually forget. Buy yourself a notepad or stick post-its everywhere around your room. Set reminders on your phone or create a Google Calendar. Whatever works for you – but you’ll never miss a deadline again.




Alternatively, if you like a generally unplanned life, you do you. At least running to class gives you an extra bit of exercise 😉





About the Author


Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!