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eats and bars on the cheap: ECU Bunbury

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Cheap food is like the bat signal for university students.

And we wouldn’t be very good at what we do unless we compiled all of that precious information into one location, would we? We’ve done you a solid and decided to tour the country to find the best places to eat, drink and have a darn good time, no matter what Village you’re from! So here it is: a compiled list of the best places to eat, drink and hang for ECU Village Bunbury residents. Thank us later 😉


top 3 eats


Located: 1 Brittain Road, Bunbury

Sate your every carnivorous desire with a pub that that specializes in cooking steak to perfection. They do some pretty incredible char grilled rumps and ribs, so if you’re feeling a little low on iron, give this place a go! Granted, it’s probably not the number one place for vegetarians, but they do have the option, with fresh Bruschetta and a range of seasonal salads. If you’re in the mood for a comforting and hearty meal, definitely give this place a try.



Green Jade

Located: Parks Centre, Bunbury

Calling all Asian food lovers! Green Jade has an average meal price of $10-20, so if that doesn’t get your heart racing you’d better check your pulse. Head down there for some takeaway or a sit-down meal. If you’re in the mood for something new, try the Mango Lassi – mangoes, yoghurt and light spices blended over ice. Need we say more?




Located: Shop 19/1 Bonnefoi Blvd, Marlston Hill, Bunbury

Casellas Wine, Tapas and Grill specialises in modern Spanish dining, and is named Bunbury’s most decorated and prestigious restaurant and wine bar. What are you waiting for? Looking out over the water, Casellas is the perfect place to wind down after class, or just hang out with your mates on a summer afternoon. You don’t have to be a Spanish-food-fanatic to love this joint either, they also do normal a la carte service. Try the Gambas en Ajo.




top 3 bars

Rogan’s Sports Bar

Located: Parks Tavern, Brittain Road, Bunbury

This is just about the perfect spot for you and your mates to catch the big game over some cold beers or a glass of wine. Catch up after work, class, or that huge study session you just did, and reward yourself with the laid back atmosphere that Rogan’s provides. They frequently hold themed nights and celebrate Oktoberfest every year, so make sure you’re well acquainted with the place for the big events!



The Rose Hotel

Located: Victoria Street, Bunbury

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This place is a must-visit for locals in Bunbury. Sitting in the heart of the CBD, the Rose has been open for 150 years and knows how to offer up the great Australian pub experience. With a choice between the Garden Bar, Victoria Street Bar or Lounge Bar, you’re never out of options when it comes to shaking things up in this place. Come in for some pre-dinner drinks or stick around and see where the night takes you!





The Prince of Wales

Located: 41 Stephen St, Bunbury

The Prince of Wales was built in 1882, so you could say they know a thing or two about serving beer. Gracefully preserving all the charm and authenticity of its early years, the bar now has live entertainment every Wednesday and Saturday night. It’s also a great place to find the passionate sports crowd when a game is on, so don’t be shy, and become part of what makes this rustic bar so special, the community!





There you have it! Hopefully you’re going to start off your Bunbury bucket list with a few of these venues, just make sure you send us some pictures of your adventures!


See you next week,

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