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earth hour: how you can get involved

For one hour on Saturday 25th March, lights will go off around the world to spark a conversation about climate change as part of Earth Hour 2017.

To celebrate this year, we’re asking our residents to take the plunge into darkness with us!

So, switch off your lights, put your phone on flight mode and shine a light on climate change this Earth Hour. Not sure how to make the most of the dark? We’ve put together some energy-saving activities to inspire you…

1. Throw a quiz or board games night

Invite your friends around for an evening of board games and quizzes (also meaning their lights will be off, too). Ask everyone to bring their favourite game, or nominate a quiz master, and play by candlelight. Although, to avoid getting caught up in a fire hazard during the heat of the competition, try using LED candles instead.

Earth hour - board games night

2. Get cosy by embracing Hygge

Heard of the Danish phenomenon sweeping the globe? Hygge translates as acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, as cosy, charming or special.

Grab your blankets, flick open your book (again, LED candles would be good here) and settle down for a peaceful evening, either alone or with others.

3. Take a break with some yoga

In addition to setting the Hygge scene, why not light some incense, put on some music and take an hour to feel zen?

Earth hour - pug yoga

4. Explore your town by night

Step out with your friends and family and take a look around your town or city when the lights go out.

Snap a photo of your city in the dark to share using the #EarthHour hashtag. Then you can do your bit to spread the word about Earth Hour!

5. Get involved in #VillageEarthHour

Heading home for your Easter holidays on Earth Hour weekend? Before you go, we’re hosting Village Earth Hour across fifteen villages meaning you can get involved in Earth Hour without battling your siblings for the light switch.

From quiz nights to movie marathons, we’re running all sorts of events on Wednesday 22nd March across our villages. Ask your Village reception for more information.

Finally, whatever you’re doing, add your event to the Earth Hour event tracker map. This can also give you inspiration for your own event!

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