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cheap eats & bars: Griffith Uni Village

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Cheap food is like the bat signal for university students.

And we wouldn’t be very good at what we do unless we compiled all of that precious information into one location, would we? We’ve done you a solid and decided to tour the country to find the best places to eat, drink and have a darn good time, no matter what Village you’re from! So here it is: a compiled list of the best places to eat, drink and hang for Griffith Uni Village residents – something every first year student should know. Thank us later 😉



Top 3 Eats

Urban Burger

Located: Shop 7, Crestwood Plaza, 458 Olsen Avenue, Molendinar, Gold Coast

This is definitely one of the top eats in the city, so pay attention. Urban Burger is famous for its gourmet-style burgers made from fresh produce and meat with low fat content. You don’t have to order a burger either! They also have an awesome range of wraps and salads. If you’re hungry try The Steak Sandwich (hint: way more than a sandwich). You’re welcome.




Noodle Box

Located: Miami One Shopping Centre 1930-1956, Gold Coast Highway

This place claims that their food “Tastes like happy”, and they’re not wrong. If you’re a bit of an Asian food fanatic, this is your one-stop-shop for all things yum cha and yummy! They have a ‘fresh from the wok’ selection, a Yum Cha selection and 97% fat free meals as well. Take a break from eating all that pizza and 2 Minute Noodles and treat yourself to an affordable hot meal! Order the Dumpling Combo.




Chiang Mai Thai

Located: 5-19 Palm Avenue (inside Mantra Crown Towers Resort), Surfers Paradis

Calling all Thai food lovers! If you love the smell of coriander, lime, chili and garlic mixed together in a melting pot of oriental awesomeness, make this your hotspot for the Semester. The place is always packed which should be enough to convince you that the place is a local favourite! The service is great and the meals are reasonably priced. Order the Phanang Curry.




Top 3 bars

Sin City

Located: 22 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Oh man, this place goes off! GUV frequently holds events inside this venue just because we can’t get enough of it! If you’re a nightclub lover you’ll love this place, since almost every weekend they’ve got a different themed night to shake things up. Vegas Style Wednesdays, RnB Thursdays and Fridays with DJ Tom Starks are just a few worth mentioning. If you’re a high roller you can even sign up for bottle service, so keep your eyes peeled for our next Village run to SinCity!




Located: 26 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Vanity is just another of many places you can let your freak flag fly in Surfers Paradise over the weekend! If it’s been a long week and you just want to let your hair down in style, check out Vanity. They hold famous themed parties all the time, and their constantly upping the ante with new and unique ways to let loose. Definitely put this one on your bucket list!




Located: GO7 on your Griffith Campus map

You can’t very well go to uni without hitting up the Uni-bar for a drink, now can you? They are constantly holding big gigs and events guaranteed to meet your every taste and preference, with bingo, lunchtime acoustic sets, DJ sets, raffles, ping pong comps and pool comps being just a few regular events worth mentioning. This place is what campus life is all about! Check out this link to get the goss on everything that’s happening throughout the Semester!



And that’s it! It won’t be hard to tick these places off the Griffith Uni Village Bucket List and start off your student experience right – heaps of the locals swear by these places, and you’re bound to find yourself there sooner or later! If you have any more great local spots, let us know and we will review them for everyone!


See you next week,

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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!