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cheap eats & bars: Canberra Uni Village

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Cheap food is like the bat signal for university students.

And we wouldn’t be very good at what we do unless we compiled all of that precious information into one location, would we? We’ve done you a solid and decided to tour the country to find the best places to eat, drink and have a darn good time, no matter what Village you’re from! So here it is: a compiled list of the best places to eat, drink and hang for Canberra Uni Village residents – something every first year student should know. Thank us later 😉


top 3 eats

40 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra City

Oooh boy. If you haven’t tried Pattisez then you’re not living. These guys pioneered the Freak Shake, and they do some amazing sit down meals as well. Head here when you need a sugar hit or you’re craving a burger the size of your head. You won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t feasted on a Freak Shake yet, feast your eyes…




Oscars Bakery
Cooper Lodge, 7 Telita St

If you’re a coffee lover (which you are if you live on campus long enough), Oscar’s Bakery is the place to start your day. The best thing about Oscar’s is the fact that you can roll out of bed and practically find yourself on their front doorstep. Just a 1 minute walk from the Village, these guys are right on campus and brew the goods all day. They also do some pretty cheap brekky options if you’re on the run to class. Check them out here.




Café Mizzuna
The Hub, on campus

Another great on-campus option if you need a decent meal for a good price. This place is awesome because it covers just about anything you could feel like to eat. Pizzas, pasta, salads, wraps, sandwiches, focaccias and heaps more. There is also a great outdoor sitting area to make a study session out of it. Try their pizzas 😉




top 3 bars

The Well
20 Talita st, on campus

The Well is your go-to on-campus bar for Friday drinks and casual catch-up with your uni mates. Right next to Oscar’s Bakery, The Well is a 1-2 minute walk from your Village apartment and serves a great range of beers, cider, non-alcoholic drinks and a decent pub menu. With heaps of outdoor seating, it’s a great place to kick back between classes, play a game of pool or just relax. Check it out here.




The Lighthouse

When you move into the Village you’ll find out about The Lighthouse very quickly. These guys are just a 5 minute walk from the Village and house a lot of the big uni parties and events for students. There will be heaps of opportunity to check this place out during Semester, so don’t be a stranger and join the party!




Mr Wolf Club

If you’re a lover of popular music and good times, step into the Wolf den. These guys bring it home with awesome live music and artist appreciation nights, as well as heaps of other events. If you’re the kind of person who loves to jam to sweet tunes, check this place out. It’s super popular with students and the vibe is awesome. Check it out!





And that’s it. No doubt there are some sweet places to check out while you’re living here at the Village, but these are our top picks! Listen to your roomies and you’ll definitely find out about some local hotspots.

Peace out,

About the Author


Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!