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apps for uni: technology that changes your life

$10 says you’re looking at your phone.


When I came to uni I was surprised I’d managed to go a whole year in Sydney without using TripView. I had survived solely on Google maps, and let me tell you: not the most reliable source. Don’t get me started on Apple maps… Anyway, if you’re a new uni student and you’re in a completely unfamiliar place, you’re in luck! There are apps for just about everything, and here are a list of apps to make life just a little bit easier. Maybe even a lot. Lets go.

(oh, one more thing. These are free. Because who pays for an app? Please.)



Hoooo boy. Task management 101. If it’s your first year at uni, things are about to get real. Diaries and schedules are all well and good, but have you tried organising your life by hashtag? No. No you have not. Until now. Fetchnotes pretty much allows you to organise every aspect from your life, from socialising to assignments. Create hashtags and start writing down notes and reminders – then just search the hashtag when you need something! This is a great little tool if you’re a creative type as well – nothing is worse than when you think of a melody, or a new song lyric, or idea, and have nowhere to write it down. #ThankMeLater.


Lost on Campus

Every Australian campus map, detailed, and stored in your phone. I mean, yeah, you can find printouts of maps all over the place – but save some trees people! It will show you where your classrooms are, but also where to get a great coffee or drink after class. The important things in life.



Uni calculator

If you’re coasting by in a subject and you just need to pass, definitely download this app. It calculates the weight percentage of your assessments, and tells you exactly how many marks you need to pass the course. Heaps of uni students figure this out themselves, but if an app can do it you’re gonna cut that time in half. You’re welcome.




Serial social media fiend? Me too, let’s hang out. But if you’re noticing your ability to scroll through Facebook overtakes your willingness to care about uni work, then maybe check out SelfControl. On this app you can block certain sites for a certain amount of time – that means when you’re sitting down to study, your phone literally won’t let you go on Facebook. It was amazing how many times I just didn’t study because I was looking at Instagram or FB. Definitely check this out if you start to notice yourself doing that.




Need to know exactly what train to get where? I downloaded this app the first time I visited London, and my god, did it make a difference. Type in your destination and the app will tell you exactly how many trains, buses or cars it takes to get there. It also lists exactly what number train, bus, or ferry you need to catch and how long each part of the trip will take. If you’re new to the area take a look!



Daily Budget

More often than not, money is the crux of any issue when it comes to being a student. Budgeting sounds boring and it’s a bit of a chore, but honestly, blowing your last $5 on a burger and then realising you need money to get home is not a great sensation. Life becomes easier when you’ve got even a little spare cash. This app is super simple and displays exactly what you have leftover in a clean way – I’m terrible with numbers so it’s perfect! Check it out if you want a little extra cash on the side. Which obviously, you do.



There are heaps of apps to help you with just about anything you can think of, but these are a few that should hopefully make uni life a little lighter! Sorry if you have no storage space after this! (Not that sorry).


Happy downloading!


About the Author


Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!