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5 people to avoid in your tute

Uni has a way of categorising you.

Everyone falls into a certain ‘type’ group, and it’s easy to see why. You’re either a spring chicken who just left high school and you have no idea what you want to be when you grow up, or you’re a slightly (or significantly) older student and you’re almost certainly set in your ways. Either way, we all fall into a category whether we like it or not. Don’t worry, you’re all unique and special little sunflowers – but maybe just avoid these people, yeah?



The question asker

Question askers are a blessing and a curse. They ask all the questions you probably thought to ask but couldn’t be bothered asking, and they tend to take one for the team – their ultra-participation in class means the rest of you get to sit there and kick back like smooth criminals. The Question Asker can push it to the extreme, however, and ultimately you might find that you hate this person halfway through the Semester. Question Askers ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS. If the tute goes on even 3 minutes past it’s allotted time it’s already too late, this person is my enemy #1.

Tutor: “alright, times up. Any questions?”
Question Asker: “yeah, um..”



The mute

I’m a shy person, generally. In social settings I like to listen and tend not to contribute unless prompted – I’m all about observing, and that’s just how I roll. So hear me when I say: I understand that a quiet person might not want to contribute to a group discussion in class. The Mute is different, however. This person is literally called upon in class to answer a question due to their general lack of contribution, and when the class falls silent and everyone waits for this person to answer a simple question, what do you hear? ………………yeah, not sure what’s happening but this person is flat out refusing to speak, even when put on the spot. No solution to this one, friends, just keep it moving. Awkward.




The pseudo-academic

UUUUUUGHHH… We get it. We’re all at university, so it’s safe to say we all did pretty well in school, or demonstrated our ability to study and achieve success academically. We’re all smart, we’re all talented, but we’re here to learn. The Pseudo-Academic is a person who, legit, thinks they know more than the lecturer. Brace yourself for a cringe-worthy 60 minutes of this person trying to convince the expert on Stalinist Russia that they know more about state terror because they watched a Vice documentary one time. Eventually (and give it time), you’ll find this persons lack of self-awareness so ridiculous that it becomes a form of entertainment. Welcome to your new favourite class – #hereforthedrama

Lecturer: “Stalinism promoted the escalation of class conflict.”
Pseudo-academic: “where are you getting your information?”




The whisperer

Ever sit next to someone in a lecture who is just 100% not listening? And then that person turns to you and ‘whispers’ “WHAT CHAPTER ARE WE ON?” louder than you thought humanly possible of a whisper? Ever had that happen? I have. It’s the worst, and it’s embarrassing. This person has somehow figured out that they can coast through their entire degree not giving a damn about actually learning, but will without fail turn to you the moment something important comes up. Distance yourself from these people, generally they are anchors, and they want you to photocopy the entire textbook for them that you spent $80 on. Find a new friend to sit with because this guy ain’t it.



The Netflixer

This class doesn’t take attendance and they’re watching Brooklyn Nine Nine in the front row. Yeah, you see them. The one slumped in their chair with a hoodie and headphones on. You’ll see these guys once or twice a Semester – and somehow they’ll still pass the course. Everyone has different learning methods, but I gotta believe that this person is just wasting their own time. Either that or Brooklyn Nine Nine is a good show…



Granted, there are times where you can’t avoid these people, but if you can spot them early you’ve got a higher chance of steering clear. You’ll meet a heap of awesome people at uni as well, so don’t let these ones fool you, they’re just part of what make your classes interesting – and, if you’re a sucker for drama, pretty entertaining.


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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!