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5 game changer apps for uni life

Life after high school can take some getting used to. Fortunately with today’s technology, there are a number of apps that actually make a world of a difference. Below are seven apps that can be a game changer in your day-to-day life as a uni student. The best part is that they’re all free with the option to upgrade to their premium versions and are available on both Apple and Android. I have personally used the free versions of most of these apps during my time at uni and can vouch for their reliability.

#1 TripView

I remember when I used to have a photo saved on my camera roll of the bus timetable and having to scroll around to find it, as well as zooming in each time to see when my next bus would come. With TripView, you have access to up-to-date bus/train/tram/ferry timetables. It does the work for you, telling you how many minutes away the next trip is, saving you from doing the math in your head. Not a big deal for some, but it’s one less thing to think about when you’re on the go!


#2 Youthbeyondblue The Check-in app

This app is beautifully designed in it’s practicality. It helps us put our best foot forward when we’re wanting to be there for a friend.

The Check-in app was designed by beyondblue and Two Bulls in consultation with young people to help take the fear out of having a conversation with a friend who might be struggling. This is often not an easy conversation to have and the Check-in app provides building blocks for how you would approach your friend and gives you a confidence boost to know what to do if your friend does need support.



#3 Google Drive / Google Docs

An absolute game changer with group assignment collaborations! One google account gives you access to these two apps and much more. I had a gmail account during uni but only discovered these two apps in my final year.

Google Drive is great for storing and sharing files. It’s pretty much an online usb. The amount of times I would use the computers at uni and email myself any articles/documents only to have to scroll through my inbox looking for them later on. Keep everything nice and neat in one place and use the online drive!

Google Docs is excellent for group collaborations. It allows a group to contribute to one online document simultaneously. I can’t believe I used to have a messy rabbit hole of forward emails, attaching updated word files going around 3-5 people. Save yourself the chaos and use Google Docs!

#4 Spotify

I’d have to say this is the most convenient music app I’ve owned and is several steps up from the nostalgic days of Limewire and its lucky dip music downloads. With Spotify you get access to a massive audio library and curated playlists for every occasion. I’m sure we all get bored of our playlists every now and then and when we need a quick revamp, Spotify makes it too easy to find new music. Best of all, the ads aren’t as frequent as you’d think with the free version!


#5 Gymboss Interval Timer

This is an awesome interval timer app for those of you who enjoy your fitness! The user interface is very easy to use and performs perfectly. I’ve downloaded many of those “free” apps that just don’t function 100% and this one isn’t one of them 🙂



See you next week everyone!

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Amy is the Content & Social Media Specialist with Campus Living Villages. She lived at UNSW Village for 4 years, so she knows a thing or two about moving out of home and starting life on-campus!