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4 unwritten social rules to help you through uni

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There’s a whole lot of formalities and informalities that come with being a young adult straight out of high school. Here are four unwritten social rules that might help you out in navigating your first year at uni.

Learn to dance

At some point you’re going to end up in a social situation where people are going to want to drag you to the dance floor. It could be a wedding, a house party or a birthday night out. Whatever the reason, try not to be the person who refuses to get down (lol get down) to the floor. My one tip would be to put in a bit of practice and learn how to simply two-step/move to the beat.

Whilst it’s very brave to get out there if you’re uncomfortable, it only takes a bit of practice to go from appearing uncomfortable to looking like you’re really enjoying yourself. There are big returns to be had with all future dance floor situations for just a little bit of input.

You don’t even have to be good, you just have to be relaxed enough to feel the music, keep to the beat and have fun with it. When your jam comes on – game over!

Check this video out to get a crash course:


You – 1   |   Dance floor – 0

Hold your drinks

If you’re going to drink, it’s always good to have a reputation for being fun to be around when doing so. That means knowing your limit and staying in control of it. Try not to be the person that always goes too far and needs someone to take care of them. Be cool!

Actually study

Respect the time that you’re investing into uni and actually put in the work when you need to. When studying with friends in a group, have your boundaries in place when it’s time to knuckle down and get to work. Don’t let yourself or the group get distracted for too long by random tangents like social media. Everyone will respect your time more when you actually focus on what you need to do and take a step back when it’s time to take a break. It will also create a good study dynamic within the group. One of the worst feelings is “studying” and letting hours pass without getting anything done. Sure you probably won’t care too much, but it sure does feel a whole lot better knowing that you did the work. So choose the latter.

Introduce friends to each other

There’s a common situation where you’ll be walking with a friend and then one of you runs into someone you know. Sometimes one person is left out of the interaction and is just standing around waiting for the other to finish up so you can both move on.

If you ever find yourself in this situation – introduce your two friends to each other! Of course this isn’t an absolute rule as sometimes we’ve got a nice momentum going and there’s no time for it. However, more often than not, if you’re going to stand around for a quick chat it’s always polite to introduce your two friends to each other. You can take this one step further by saying something unique about each person as you introduce them. Even something generic like “this is my friend Andrew, we’re in the same chemistry 1 tutorial” will do.

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