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The University of Canberra Village offers optional extras to make your experience at the Village comfortable and convenient. If you are in need of linen or kitchen utensils, our staff have ready-made linen and kitchen kits for you to pick up upon checking in.

what is included?

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king single linen kit
Item Quantity
bath towel 1
hand towel 1
pillow 1
pillowcase 1
quilt 1
quilt cover 1
fitted sheet 1
flat sheet 1
laundry bag 1
kitchen kit
Item Quantity
non-stick pot 1
non-stick fry pan 1
slotted turner 1
solid spoon 1
slotted spoon 1
large cutting knife 1
can opener 1
strainer 1
cutting board 1
dinner plate/bowl 1 each
coffee mug 1
plastic tumbler 1
dinner fork/knife/spoon 1 each
teaspoon 1
all-in-one kit
Item Quantity
all of the above

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