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Thank you to our current residents for being so patient whilst we build new common rooms and add more apartments.
If I find it too noisy, can I cancel my contract?

Any cancellation requests are taken on a case by case basis. Terms and conditions of the Residential Agreement adhere to the Residential Tenancy Act and Village Rules.

Construction noise will be noticeable from time to time.

RMIT Village will be doing its very best to reduce the impact upon residents.

Any contract cancellation requests must be made in writing using the RMIT Village Early Cancellation Form available from Village reception.

What hours will construction take place?

Allowable construction times are from 7am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 4pm on Saturdays. Please be advised there will be additional noise due to the construction work during these hours.

Will construction be noisy?

Yes, from time to time.

Additional Residential Life events are programmed on and off site on known upcoming more noisy demolition and construction days.

What new common areas will be built and when will they be delivered?
What Where Target completion date
Outdoor heated pool Courtyard Open and in use
BBQ Deck Courtyard Open and in use
Temporary gym site* Level 1 Completed
New Games Room 1* Ground Floor to right of car park entrance Completed
New Communal Kitchenette* Ground Floor to right of car park entrance Completed
New Study Nooks* Levels, 1, 2, 3 Completed
New Gym (Temporary) Level 2, above level 1 laundry Completed
New Gym (Permanent) Ground Floor, to right of entry 24 June 2019
New Student Hub Level 1, Flemington Road building 6 June 2019
New Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 Level 1, Flemington Road building 6 June 2019
New Village Reception Desk Ground Floor, Flemington Road Building 12 June 2019
New Communal Kitchen Ground Floor, Courtyard 31 August 2019
New Student Lounge / Games Room Ground Floor, Courtyard 31 August 2019
Music Room Ground Floor, Courtyard 31 August 2019
New Apartments Corner Blackwood Street and Flemington Road Buildings – Stage 1 Completed
New Apartments Level 6 Flemington Road Building – Stage 2 Completed
New Apartments Level 7 Flemington Road Building – Stage 3 12 April 2019
New Retail Space 1 on Ground Floor Ground Floor, Flemington Road building 12 June 2019
New Retail Space 2 on Ground Floor Ground Floor, Flemington Road building 28 June 2019

*New to replace existing during construction. To be retained after construction is complete.

How many new apartments will be built?

125 new apartments will be built in these sizes:

  • 1br X 11 apartments
  • 1br studio X 103 apartments
  • 4br X 9 apartments
  • 5br X 2 apartments

Total new beds for 160 persons.

What part of the Village will be worked on?

Section of the site located on the corner of Blackwood Street and Flemington Road, including the defunct café area on the ground floor and gym (being relocated) on Level One. An additional two floors (levels 6 & 7) will also be added to the Flemington Road building. All works will be separated by hoardings throughout the construction period. RMIT Village main entrance will remain during the construction period.

What can I expect as part of the works?

There will be no change to accessing the village via Flemington Road. We expect to see some construction traffic coming through the driveway for goods delivery but all traffic will be carefully managed by qualified traffic controllers. There will be some diversion of pedestrian traffic on the footpath on Flemington Road and Blackwood Street based on approved plans by Melbourne City Council.

There will be construction noise on site during work hours. During exam periods, noisy works will be restricted.

Any closure of existing common areas such as TV lounges or study rooms will also mean that additional new spaces are created to ensure residents continue to have dedicated spaces for relaxation and quiet study time. There is no loss in recreational space available on site.

There will not be works or noise on site after 5:30pm on weekdays. There will not be works on Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Will there be on-going consultation during the project?

Yes, weekly updates will be provided to all residents. Feedback is welcome at anytime via email and the phone number provided – RMIT Village Duty Phone 0433 283 610.

If residents would like to have a chat, please contact Michael Lynch, General Manager of Village

How do I provide feedback?

Please email or phone the RMIT Village Duty Manager 0433 283 610 (24 hours) or speak with us at Reception and/or your Resident Assistant seven days per week.

When will the project be completed?

Construction will finish 30 November 2019. The Village will remain open throughout the construction period.


Who do I write to if I want to have a discussion about my experience?

Please feel free to contact Michael Lynch, General Manager, RMIT Village on