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It's easy! All you have to do is apply for 2017 for your chance to win a month's free rent worth $1000! Complete the online process and submit the details back to ECU Village by 5pm 15 January 2017.

* Participation in this “Free Rent” Campaign and eligibility for Free Rent shall be subject to the terms & conditions of the Free Rent campaign.

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“I can spend a lot of time at uni and meet new people as well! The Village strikes the right balance between the two.”


ECU Village Bunbury

“We come from different places but we are all here for the same reason. We can all relate. That sense of belonging makes you comfortable.”


ECU Village Bunbury

“If I hadn’t moved to Bunbury Village I wouldn’t have met the great friends that I know now.”


ECU Village Bunbury

“The view at the Village is awesome, there are kangaroos everywhere!”


ECU Village Bunbury

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